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Understanding... or not
   Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:28 am
   Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:37 am

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Understanding... or not

Permanent Linkby MaxRaeder on Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:28 am

Unless modded out, this post contains rude words... and hate speech about plebs :lol:

People stun me, truly, every day... How can so many people not understand, that they do not understand?

LOL, this is really boring so unless you're really bored or into economics, maybe find something better to do :mrgreen:

Myself I used to work in the UK, City of London, at one point back in the day... did economics in university... and so forth.

So today there is a reported a ratio change coming between base rate and consumer mortgage rates in the UK.... no surprise considering the indicators but that is not important... this is what made me go 'What!!?

On *mod edit* forums some person Michael posts:

Michael: Bet the savings rate goes up when all the PPI claims have finished ... it's the savers who are paying it. Most PPI claimers only got their loan if they took out a PPI as they were bad payers ... and now they are after compensation.

WTF? Really? You actually posted that you mindless prick? What the hell has PPI to do with either base rates or savings rates? Oh but this ######6 prick will be one of those "I hate them banksters innit!"

PPi is Payment Protection Insurance and it was mis-sold to people who had no possible hope of claiming on it... self employed, house wives, OAP's and so forth. The banks were very naughty and have to repay the premiums etc, which is 100% correct.

Base rates however are set to control an economy for the best result for the economy... UK base rate sits presently 0.25%, 1st quarter growth rate 0.2%, worst in the EU by a country Km...... the UK is still doing QE and printing cash for pities sake, that's how 'well' the economy is

If the BoE puts up the base rate that will lessen spending and encourage savings... So it, the UK, obviously cannot do that, as it has basically no growth anyway and was in deflation last year. Also taking that 80% of the GDP is based on consumer spend and the UK has the most contextually indebted people in the world, even worse than Australia and Canada.... it's already not good. Indeed in the land of the Good/Bad thing... that's a Bad thing

So the question is why do these morons post this $#%^? Do they indeed go to the hospital and the specialist says "You have brain cancer Michael. As a specialist I recommend we operate today..."

"Hold on!" says Michael and maybe runs from the room to the A&E department to ask the assorted plebs what they think? Or maybe Michael says "No it is my ankle I do not listen to experts.....operate on that instead"

Why do they not understand they do not understand? If I do not understand something I ask, I read a book... I don't just make stuff up to please myself..... I so despise these people.
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Permanent Linkby MaxRaeder on Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:37 am

This blog is not particularly about anything...... It'll have much politics and no doubt carry my dislike for the human race and their condition.

If you're easily offended... Good... I already despise you, so keep reading and get right out of your pram. Idiots.

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