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Author:  LucyTate [ Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:49 pm ]
Blog Subject:  It's been quite some time, wow

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So a lot has happened. Inpatient, group therapy (which I am now out of), a new part discovered (I'm still confused about that one), and of course, the online drama and isolation/quarantine! Woot!

So group therapy went okay. We had a not so nice conversation with one of the therapists, where he inferred we were making this all up, and after that everything gradually got much quieter and more confusing. I've personally had trouble identifying who was coming out and who was talking, when they did.

Because of the virus, our therapy and psychiatry appointment are now over phone. I dislike it, a lot, I hate doing it over the phone or online, but it'll have to be what it's gonna be. I heard this is gonna go on for 15 days, so that's not too terrible. We're hoping everything'll improve by then.

(Violence Mention)
Our new part claimed to be created the day before I found out about him, which is odd to me but okay I guess. He said he's willing to do anything to protect this body, including killing it. The night we met he said he was going to kill this body whether I liked it or not. I hope he's changed his mind about that but I just got a voice (I think him) saying he hasn't. Oop-

(Mention over)
So that's been life for us. Very quiet, random bursts of more intense dissociation (but of course lol), and lots of cleaning. The body's birthday happened! Very exciting. I think the littles want a new stuffed animal. We saw one in a youtube video and now we want it lol. I love collecting them and it makes them happy so why not right? If anyone knows where you can get large cheap stuffed animals, let us know!

Thank you guys, hope everything goes well for you <3

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