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Author:  LucyTate [ Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:51 am ]
Blog Subject:  Finally updated my journal!

Evan - 17 - Host, Original

A quick update on here to say I updated my journal with the full story. That should make it easier to talk over it with my therapist, having it written down. Also, we have a new friend!

He's busy at the moment, but I'm sure he'll come introduce himself at some point soon. I think he'd like to do it himself, rather than me doing it for him. But he's really nice and I think he's gonna get along great with everyone!

Things have been fairly okay. Still feeling a bit shaken up inside, but I'm able to function pretty darn well! I've been doing daily tasks and actually exercising, I know there's more I need to do but it's hard to keep my head on straight at this point.

Also, I don't think I'm stuck anymore! The new dude came out and I think Harley did a bit and it actually worked smoothly. I am very very relieved.

So stay safe guys <3

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