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Author:  LucyTate [ Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:13 am ]
Blog Subject:  Evan has arrived

Evan - 17 - Host, Original

So, a lot has happened.

I, who was just little old Michael, had a major breakdown, realizing many things and breaking down barriers that have been up for a long time. Afterward, there was great question as to who exactly I was; I was scared, that was for sure. But now, though I am still mostly just stuck in front, understand what happened.

Apparently, James and Michael integrated. After the WONDEROUS struggle, I'm still working out all the details, I really need to talk with my therapist, but it happened. Harley is very happy with this, uncharacteristically so, and I guess I'm pretty glad. One of us who will go unnamed is still struggling. Eli-Lucy-is, well, possibly dead?

According to Harley they died. I'm going to ask directly on the DID forum if this is even possible. Their spirit is still present, I can genuinely feel their presence, they've just... gone. I'm still in denial about it, I don't even know if it's really true.

Like I said, I need to talk with my T. Hopefully together we can figure this out.

Stay safe, guys. <3

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