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Author:  LindseySays [ Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:00 am ]
Blog Subject:  eye am lindsey.

i am lindsey. who, you ask? well, i'll tell you who. i am timeless and ageless, but as young as a rose and as old as carvings. more young than old. i love pinks, lavenders, more pinks and silvers, but gold too. i roll my eyes at darkness and acknowledge it for the dark that it is, but i simply put on a light when needed. i am them, before they were tainted or otherwise pushed into the shell of rock that was created for us. i am untainted by peer pressure, by adult expectation and that $#%^. i am genderless and sexless yet sensual and loving. i float by things like jealousy and envy with a happy, happy-for-them smile and rather than deliberately focus on my own betterment in the face of potential jealousy, i simply just am. i don't need a reason or rhyme and i am here now and i wanna let them learn from me, and the issue of arrogance is not even a thing because i never know that.

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