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Author:  Johnny-Jack [ Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:28 am ]
Blog Subject:  what my alters look like, wear, or carry

This was written in a playful mood, though it's mostly what they tell me. Considering DID occurs because of severe trauma and working with alters means learning of and often re-experiencing that trauma, I'm just glad I can sometimes have a playful mood. I'm told
"Evidence" means I have photographic proof of appearance or, in the case of Jack, a painting (my avatar):

Adam: black hair, dark brown eyes (evidence)
Ashár: gray/white/brown fur, yellow eyes, long sharp canines
Little John: brown hair, brown eyes, average size for his age (evidence)
Hansel: dark blond hair, brown eyes, thin
Johann: light brown hair, brown eyes, thin
Charles: sandy hair, blue eyes, average size
Jack: reddish brown hair, brown eyes, average height/weight (evidence)
Dan: blond hair, blue eyes, big guy, muscular
Quato: orange (red?) longer hair, green eyes, surprisingly wide but not overweight (huh?)
Jonathan: dark brown hair, blue eyes, tall, thin
Aaron: brown hair, brown eyes, tallish, husky
John: auburn hair, brown eyes (evidence)
Marc-Dominic: silver hair, hazel eyes, "earning a paunch"
Sphinx: unknown, maybe bald (?!), luminescent eyes (?); genderless, wraith-like?

Adam: diapers
Ashár: ropes
Little John: white shirt, blue pants, black shoes
Hansel: Lederhosen (shorts), red t-shirt
Johann: Lederhosen (shorts), blue t-shirt
Charles: knickers, light shirt, brown pants, suspenders
Jack: old jeans, plaid shirt, sneakers
Dan: yellow & black rugby shirt, athletic shorts, rugby shoes (cleats)
Quato: leather bomber jacket, ripped jeans, white T, alligator boots
Jonathan: dark blue pin-stripe suit, maroon Brooks Brothers tie, mahogany wingtips
Aaron: flannel shirt, corduroy pants, lumberjack boots
John: khaki pants, navy blue & white stripe shirt, penny loafers
Marc-Dominic: black tuxedo or money-green smoking jacket
Sphinx: too ethereal for clothing but maybe a translucent Jedi-like robe?

Adam: stuffed animals
Ashár: nothing, on account of his paws
Little John: Play-doh, or crayons and a coloring book
Hansel: a bag of toy animals and people
Johann: a big box of lego blocks
Charles: a cap and an old-fashioned child's book
Jack: a hoe or a twig
Dan: football or rugby ball
Quato: nunchucks (not adept at using them and would surely injure us)
Jonathan: tablet computer and smart phone
Aaron: axe (for chopping wood)
John: a book
Marc-Dominic: cognac in a brandy snifter
Sphinx: legal identification and financial records (!?!)

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