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Author:  Johnny-Jack [ Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:34 am ]
Blog Subject:  the arrival of the last alters in the body

Sept. 2011: In the last few days I've met three new alters, sort of. Dan (misheard from Sphinx as Dack) has been "dead" since the body was age 9 but I inadvertently re-awakened him by imaging how I might tell him that he just thinks he died. I knew this was possible after my gatekeeper used the words "and one who believes he is dead" to describe Dan. Dan is young, older than age 9 (maybe he was created as older?), full of incredible energy, somehow has full knowledge of everything that's been going on in the meantime (rather, he can access that memory quickly), and doesn't seem to be the potentially "bad" alter we "killed" so many years ago. We're wary but hopeful. He does seem angry! Because he came into the body for a time, we got to see how he felt, more what he was like than if he simply spoke to us internally, which he did only a day before. He was "begat" from Jack, so perhaps he's always been able to rely on Jack's memory and so knows all that Jack knows. It did seem to be knowledge at a child's level of understanding.

We also met the two twins Hansel & Johann. They are adorable, as any four-year-olds are. They spoke to me during journaling before but this morning they actually took over the body, swapping with one another because they are twins and share everything, for the long walk to work. So I know them experientially too now. Hansel is perpetually optimistic and Johann is emotionally injured and wary but bouyed by Hansel's good cheer. Jack was the one who pushed them forward into the body rather than him doing his normal walk. He's just great with the youngest ones and accepts his role as "big brother" readily because that's what these kids need.

This on top of Quato beginning to come into the body just about 4-6 weeks ago? I think the only one who hadn't been in the body was Marc Dominic and I'm pretty sure he was an internal alter. Marc became the last alter to step into the body (at least when I've been aware and co-conscious) in early October. So that's everybody with experience. I know what every one "feels" like now. I like them all.

Aaron came into the body as a unique, identifiable, separate alter in February 2012, although we believe he's been around before. Charles, a hurt child, is very newly known and he took over and walked a few blocks in March 2012.

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