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Author:  Johnny-Jack [ Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:03 am ]
Blog Subject:  Some thinking from Mxyzptlk or Mick

I don't like my name anymore, it's too much but it's mine. It works in Superman comics and Smallville but maybe not for a real person you know? I'm going by Mick because it's the first sounds of Mxyzptlk when you say it right. A couple others guys here changed their names so I can too. And I'm not sure Raisin Annie likes the Raisin part but she hasn't asked to change it. Who wants half your name to be a dried fruit. I got tired of a name with no vowels that took you a long time to say.

My head feels funny but I think we figured something out. I may have spent more time in front than anybody for a lot of years. That's what we're thinking. If it's right it's a pretty huge surprise but it makes a lot of things make sense. We've had a habit of just doing something like on a computer for hours and at the end of the day John wonders why he didn't get anything done, why he didn't have the willpower or something. I guess it's been my way to use up our time and stay calm. So maybe if John was trying to do just about anything and he got stressed out or somebody got triggered from inside and that affected him, I would take over and start doing my thing. John described what I was doing as obsessive stuff but I just like to be calm and I know how. John or Johnny, one of them or both noticed there was something juvenile about the stubbornness of how we did this obsessive stuff. Our body is middle aged and I'm a teenager so that fits.

Now maybe I was just influencing the main guys John and Johnny a lot because our body acted like them, like a grown man not me. Now we got a better picture of what's going on and I can be out in control of our body on my own, well I move like me, not like them. I got a lot of energy too so maybe I could help with getting stuff done if I was to do it. Nobody is trying to take over from me right now and I bet I can pretty much keep control if I want because I have so much experience at it. If I was the governor here, I'd let the little kids out all day not the old men, ha ha.

I didn't know it was me doing all this either. Well I was doing it but I didn't think, hey, I'm not our host.W We didn't know for years we were multiple, we didn't know there was a we. When anybody took over, we just thought "I" was doing something and we were all I. For years I just did my thing and I'm pretty good at keeping things relaxed, even if I didn't get much done. Now we got to change things because the jig is up.


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