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Author:  Johnny-Jack [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:17 am ]
Blog Subject:  Nigel reads

Nigel is the one who reads aloud in an English accent from any book I can't concentrate on. And it really works. For months I got him completely mixed up with Ty, who's spoken with the same accent, and with Chase, whose name was then Charles. Chase cried as he explained in an English accent that he no longer wanted to be associated with his abuser, our English grandfather whose middle name was Charles. On his next visit, his name was Chase and the English accent was gone.

The English accent has always seemed too good, too easy to do. With English grandparents, yeah, not surprising for someone with DID. But why a reader alter? I don't think he's traumatized at all. It's such a simple task. But I was raised to be an inveterate reader. So not being able to focus for any reason was not an option. Reading was our escape when the world around us made no sense, when everything hurt, when I was losing time and my days were slivers of time here and there. We lived for books, we still do. So I guess Nigel was necessary. When I couldn't focus, we needed someone detached, to keep the story flowing. That it was done in an English accent made it pleasant to listen to, not me.

I wonder how many others out there, multiple or not, read to themselves aloud in a different accent. Does it help them concentrate as it's always done for me. Thanks, Nigel. But I do want to know you as more than just a reader, just as I'm coming to know Faolan. I want to know who you are.


Author:  Johnny-Jack [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:14 am ]

Well, we've gotten Nigel and Neville mixed up as alters a lot, mixed up their names. So this post is all about Neville, not Nigel! At the moment I don't recall whether Nigel used to have an English accent but Neville always did. It sounds weird to say accent when our experience is that Neville is English, not that he has some accent. Two grandparents were born and raised in England so being English was very familiar and real. Similarly, Jack speaks Appalachian English because he spent time with an old man from eastern Kentucky.

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