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Author:  Johnny-Jack [ Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:05 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Extrovert or Introvert...both!

John wrote this: I generally assumed I was an introvert until I went to college and blossomed socially, especially in my fraternity. Then I took a Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator test and found I was definitely an extrovert. Childhood friends more recently have told me I was very quiet and serious until mid-fifth grade, then changed and became very social and an extrovert. Though we can't confirm via memory, this appears to be the exact time Jonathan went inside and stopped going to school for me. This got me wondering how wrong I could be about myself and was there anything else I was getting wrong. It's not until recently, with the DID, that I discovered how wrong.

JOHN: extrovert who in recent decades has come to live like an introvert; a definite extrovert at work or in social situations
QUATO: introvert, distrusting of people but doesn't mind being around or in the midst of crowds as long as he's not forced to interact, prefers cynical introverted outcasts and outsiders, hates establishment-type things
JACK: extreme extrovert, way out on the end of the scale, very talkative, loves being with people, comfortable around anybody
LITTLE JOHN: introvert based on behavior but avoidance behavior was protective
DAN: extrovert, though tends toward domineering and judgmental
JONATHAN: in the middle, maybe slightly extrovert, likes being around people; calm personality
MARC: slightly introverted or maybe it's just snobbery
SPHINX: introvert although this dichotomy seems bizarre to apply to a robot; he doesn't live in the human world and is interested in them in a compassionate but rather clinical way so how could he possibly be an extrovert?
HANSEL: bubbly extrovert, but wary because he's only 4
JOHANN: mild introvert, much more wary of people
ADAM: a baby, so indeterminate, but gets very happy when someone talks to him
ASHAR: traumatized feral child; based on desire to connect, maybe extrovert
AARON: feels extrovert by ability, but introvert by inclination
CHARLES: don't know well enough yet but maybe introvert

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