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Author:  Johnny-Jack [ Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:08 am ]
Blog Subject:  awards: characteristics of my alters

AWARDS, because they deserve the appreciation and the recognition:

Best with animals: John
Best with bullies: Jack
Best with chaos: Sphinx
Best with children: Jack
Best with farm animals: John
Best with finances: Jonathan
Best with intellectuals: John, Jonathan
Best with pain: Ashár
Best with poor people: Jack
Best with rich people: Marc Dominic
Best with low-lifes: Quato
Best with women: John
Best with men: Quato
Best with pets: Little John
Best with secrets: Hansel & Johann
Best with sports: Dan
Best with stuffed animals: Adam * BLUE RIBBON *
Best with toddlers: Jack

Best attacker: Ashár
Best friendship: Hansel & Johann * BLUE RIBBON *
Best fist-fighter: Jack
Best giggler: Little John
Best leader: Jonathan
Best liar: Quato * BLUE RIBBON *
Best money-maker: Jonathan
Best mingler: Marc Dominic
Best prankster: Quato
Best runner: Dan
Best sleeper: Adam
Best tutor: Marc Dominic

Most adorable: Little John
Most aggressive: Dan
Most ambitious: Jonathan
Most angry: Ashár
Most arrogant: Marc Dominic
Most athletic: Dan
Most betrayed: Johann
Most brave: John
Most calm: Jonathan
Most cocky: Dan
Most compassionate: Hansel
Most compliant: Little John
Most creative: John
Most cynical: Quato
Most dramatic: John
Most eclectic: John
Most effective: Jonathan
Most empathetic: John
Most entertaining: John
Most entitled: Marc Dominic * BLUE RIBBON *
Most experienced: John
Most family-oriented: Jack
Most fearful: Adam
Most fit: Jonathan
Most good-natured: Little John
Most impatient: Dan
Most inclusive: John
Most indispensable: Adam
Most insane: Quato
Most intense: Dan
Most irascible: Dan * BLUE RIBBON *
Most irresponsible: Quato
Most judgmental: Marc Dominic
Most kinky: Quato
Most loyal: Hansel
Most macho: Dan
Most marriageable: Jack * BLUE RIBBON *
Most masculine: Quato
Most mischievous: Hansel
Most mistrusting: Ashár
Most mysterious: Sphinx
Most objective: Sphinx
Most optimistic: Hansel
Most organized: Jonathan
Most outgoing: Jack
Most outrageous: Quato
Most patrician: Marc Dominic
Most rational: Jonathan
Most religious: Jack
Most reserved: Little John
Most responsible: Jonathan * BLUE RIBBON *
Most rural: Jack
Most sarcastic: Quato
Most secretive: Johann
Most self-confident: Aaron
Most serious: Sphinx * BLUE RIBBON *
Most successful: Jonathan
Most sexual: Quato
Most sophisticated: Marc Dominic
Most steadfast: Johann
Most talkative: Jack
Most tentative: Little John
Most tough: Dan
Most traumatized: Adam
Most undemanding: Little John * BLUE RIBBON *
Most untraumatized: Aaron
Most urban: Jonathan
Most vigilant: Ashár * BLUE RIBBON *
Most wacky: Quato

Oldest: Marc Dominic (70s)
Youngest: Adam (1.5)

Okay, I'll use this list to group the ridiculous number of Johns together:
Most likely to succeed: Jonathan
Most likely to avoid: Little John
Most likely to read: John, aka Johnny
Most likely to snear: John-John, aka Quato
Most likely to comfort: John-John-John, aka Hansel
Most likely to puke: John-John-John-John, aka Johann
Most likely to talk: Jack
Most likely to erupt: Dan, aka Dack
Most likely to judge: Marc Dominic
Most likely to nap: Adam
Most likely to bite: Ashár
Most likely to assess: The One, aka the Sphinx
Most likely to remain calm: Aaron

JOHN: brave, creative, dramatic, eclectic, empathetic, entertaining, experienced, inclusive, reader
SPHINX: mysterious, objective, serious
ADAM: fearful, indispensible, traumatized, sleeper
ASHAR: angry, mistrusting, vigilant, attacks, bites
JACK: family-oriented, marriageable, outgoing, rural, talkative, fist-fighter, farmer
DAN: aggressive, athletic, cocky, impatient, intense, irascible, macho, tough; sports, runner
HANSEL: compassionate, loyal, mischievous, comforting, optimistic
JOHANN: betrayed, secretive, steadfast
JONATHAN: ambitious, calm, effective, fit, organized, rational, responsible, successful, urban, money-maker, businessman, leader
QUATO: cynical, insane, irresponsible, kinky, masculine, outrageous, sarcastic, sexual, wacky, liar, prankster, street-talking
LITTLE JOHN: adorable, compliant, good-natured, optimistic, reserved, tentative, undemanding, giggler, smiles, animal-lover
MARC-DOMINIC: arrogant, entitled, judgmental, sophisticated, patrician, mingler, changling, tutor
AARON: untraumatized, self-confident
CHARLES: (too new, we don't know him well yet but he's nice)

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