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The Newest Additions Including Some Old But Good Ones

Permanent Linkby Hyuukichan123 on Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:26 pm

It's been a long time since I've posted here. I wanted to start blogging my progress but ended up getting sent to the hospital during the middle of it. And my interest in making entries depleted because of said accident. Right now I have several alters that want to talk. But I can't exactly figure out how to give proper control. We are semi concious when things happen. In other words I (Maria) am the host and I am able to be present along side of my alters when they are out. I don't know if anyone as had similar experiences but I believe doing this blog will really help me understand the voices. As of right now I've discovered only a few voices. One goes by the name of Gregory or Greg for short. Another goes by Conner. Then there's Hestia (very perverted mind you but shes managable), George, Stephanie, Vector, and others but im still not sure about everyone's names so I won't add anymore until im sure of their names. Since my signature says their names I might need to update it to make sure there's still the same voices. And add any new ones if they come about.
Today's been pretty good I've been talking with my boyfriend alot lately and it seems to be going great between us. I haven't opened up to my new therapist yet because I'm scared she's not going to accept my voices. I wanna try part therapy but I'm not sure how it'll go. Anyway gonna go for now will be tracking whatever progress I make on here.

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Re: The Newest Additions Including Some Old But Good Ones

Permanent Linkby Snaga on Fri Jun 28, 2019 6:37 am

Hello and welcome back, glad to see you!

We are... maybe- maybe OSDD. Like you, the host is... always sort of there. I'm the main alt, speaking. You can call me Sam. Short for Samantha.

Our host is often sort of there, also, when I front- I'm about the only other one that fronts. Expressing myself here started with a lot of trust issues, but it's getting better. I mean, the host trusting me. It's getting better, but we have done a lot of bickering over it. Is it- not being sure how your alts will behave? Or just feeling blocked from stepping back and letting them have the keyboard a bit?

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