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- July 2019
Alex's House Experience
   Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:10 pm

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Alex's House Experience

Permanent Linkby Hyuukichan123 on Tue Jul 02, 2019 4:10 pm

Hello everyone we discovered RL's weakness yesterday when we went to the hosts friends house. Alex is her best friend from high school and very aware of whats going on with her condition. RL planned to stab her friend when she got there but Greg gave Alex a heads up to hide anything sharp. She almost got her hands on a razor but we gave it to Alex to give to him to keep away from her. RL was very upset that he wasn't able to hurt her. And when Alex was trying to help her by cuddling her RL was shaking. HE refused to come out and when he did he tried to push him away. Unfortunately for him he miscalculated and couldn't break free of Alex''s grip on her. He was very squirmy and hated every minute of the cuddle session. He is significantly weaker and we've made it our goal to go over Alex's house at least once a week to keep him in check. in any case we hope to get rid of him as soon as possible because we've given him the chance to settle things with us and he refused to listen. -Justin and the other Protectors.

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Permanent Linkby Hyuukichan123 on Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:06 am

Justin- I'm currently in control along with Maria (our host).A little got out today and had a nightmare. She was very upset because it caused her a lot of pain watching it. It was basically just our hosts parents and sister eating her alive. I don't know what caused it to be honest.Anyway were going to see her parents today and hopefully her mom is there. She recently went to the hospital due to the bad voices which made her very triggered. I hope she feels better after seeing her parents today. She might even see her sister and talk with her about whats going on.
We love her very much and were so proud of how shes dealing with all of this.

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The Newest Additions Including Some Old But Good Ones

Permanent Linkby Hyuukichan123 on Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:26 pm

It's been a long time since I've posted here. I wanted to start blogging my progress but ended up getting sent to the hospital during the middle of it. And my interest in making entries depleted because of said accident. Right now I have several alters that want to talk. But I can't exactly figure out how to give proper control. We are semi concious when things happen. In other words I (Maria) am the host and I am able to be present along side of my alters when they are out. I don't know if anyone as had similar experiences but I believe doing this blog will really help me understand the voices. As of right now I've discovered only a few voices. One goes by the name of Gregory or Greg for short. Another goes by Conner. Then there's Hestia (very perverted mind you but shes managable), George, Stephanie, Vector, and others but im still not sure about everyone's names so I won't add anymore until im sure of their names. Since my signature says their names I might need to update it to make sure there's still the same voices. And add any new ones if they come about.
Today's been pretty good I've been talking with my boyfriend alot lately and it seems to be going great between us. I haven't opened up to my new therapist yet because I'm scared she's not going to accept my voices. I wanna try part therapy but I'm not sure how it'll go. Anyway gonna go for now will be tracking whatever progress I make on here.

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Hospital Visit

Permanent Linkby Hyuukichan123 on Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:22 pm

:shock: I was recently admitted to the hospital for suicide watch. Theres an alter in here that's causing me to want to cut myself and were trying to find out who it is or was.
Justin- We wanna make sure Maria is safe. That's why we sent her to the hospital. I want her to be as safe as possible that's why I'm trying to get everyone to be as quiet as possible till we find out who did this.

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Our Journy Begins!

Permanent Linkby Hyuukichan123 on Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:28 pm

Hello everyone I'm Maria I'm the host :3 ! This is my first time blogging and I'm going to blog about my journey with my Dissociative Identity Disorder. I like calling it a condition rather then a disorder because its just how we are :o ! Simon along with Penelope, and Justin will be helping with this article but I hope to have everyone helping one day.

Simon- I'm a protector and I'm tasked with making sure that Maria is safe from harm. I want to help her with her anxiety and depression as much as the rest of us do. Since I'm only 10 I cant always be there to help so we have more then one protector to help. I'm spacing out sorry. She spaces out a lot when she tries to give us control. But its gotten much easier then when we first started helping her.

Penelope- ready! set GO! Hello everyone I'm Penelope not a protector but im helping as much as possible because i care about our host very much. She doesnt like tooting her own horn but shes a great host. I want to be a artist some day but she wants to be a therapist so i dont know if shell go to school for that or if shell take up her pen and pencil again and start drawing more.

Justin- Greetings everyone. Im Justin. Im not on the list of protectors but i help around the system to make sure she doesnt hurt herself. I was the one who intially did research back when she was first finding out about DID for her ex Kyle. She doesnt like talking about him much because it triggers her memories of him. She used to get very depressed when she thought of him. She was very suicidal at one point because of it. When she was dumped she locked herself in the bathroom and worried her father alot. He broke the door because of that :( . She was off and on with her ability to hear us but shes since started begining to acknowledge us one by one. Shes finding new personas everyday pretty much. Shes very fragmented in her mind. But thats not necessarily a bad thing. its a very fun experience to be honest. I cant wait to meet the others. So far theres about 13 of us. Which is pretty normal for a first timer. According to her at least. She doesnt seem to experience black outs, lost time or memory loss like most people with the disorder which is why we thought it might be skitzoaffective disorder but its since become more then just hearing voices in her head. Anyway she wants me to discuss about my interests and dislikes. I love playing the Viola and im a very musically inclined person. She loves playing along with me whenever she gets the chance to. We used to be in Orchestra when we were in Highschool but she since graduated from there. She has a Viola now but its a piece of $#%^ because the shoulder rest wont stay on and the strings keep constantly going out of tune while she plays it. She loves playing Viola so much that she wanted to be in an actual Orchestra but shes put that on the back burner for so long that im almost sure she doesnt want to anymore. Anyway this is getting too long so ill stop here for now.

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