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Author:  HesDeltanCaptain [ Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:48 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Making connections

Something that literally just occured to me is that back when the tobacco companies were being sued and it came out in testimony or internal documents that they were manipulating nicotine levels to make cigs more addictive, it's exactly what's happening now with food companies formulating their snack foods to have the right blend of sugar, salt, and fat to be more edible or addictive. So many people suffer from clinical depression and other psychological issues in just the US, I wonder how many of those cases are a direct result of diet, and in particular, something like addiction to junk food. Caught a segment on one of the news channels the other morning discussing the spicyness of Cheetos and how kids are showing up in emergency rooms for it, then it went into new detergeent 'pods.' But during the segment the doctor being interviewed made mention of food companies manipulating the levels of salt, sugar, and such to be more consumable and delicious. And it just clicked that that's what the tobacco companies got in so much hot water for among other things. Yet why aren't we expressing our outrage over that if obesity and diet-related psychological issues are plagueing the nation? I can't be the only one to make that connection so let's hope it's coming soon.

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