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my book?
   Thu Jan 20, 2022 5:06 pm

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my book?

Permanent Linkby HGranger on Thu Jan 20, 2022 5:06 pm

This story is a long time coming. It is a painful and frightening tale of the horrors of men, oh yes, and women that is all too true. The pronouns in this work often change; I, she, he, we, they. Depending on who is actually telling the story. I was told all my life that I was a miracle baby because my parents tried for years to have a baby of their own. This all changed when they fostered a severely handicapped baby. The doctors’ said that he wouldn’t be alive for more than a few weeks at best, not to rub it to the medical professionals, but this “baby” is in his late fifties with grown children of his own. Apparently though, this addition to their family came with a miracle. Yes, that miracle was…..Me! For the first few years of my life I was a “normal” child, hitting all the milestone markers and such. I was even baptized in a church that closed and became a bank. I found it funny to point as we drove by and say,”That is where I was baptized.”
A little over a year later, we got another surprise baby, but this time it was a boy. So I had an older brother named Bobby and a little one named Keith. I don’t remember much about these years, but I loved to look at the photo albums my mother had organized and kept in the closet. My favorite picture is one of my Dad in a suit and holding me in a white baptism gown that my mother has made from her wedding dress. I look like a white poof with a shock of straight black hair that would only go one way, up.Fortunately it all fell out and while I was bald for a while it came back in dark brown. Mom let it grow long but had to cut some bangs otherwise I would never see. I can laugh about it now, but I am sure I was a difficult child. I loved being outside because that’s where all the animals were.

The Beginning of the End

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl with long dark hair and sparkling green eyes. She loved her mommy and daddy with all her heart and they loved her just the same. She was named Katherine, in honor of her grandmother, but they called her Katie. She had an older brother named Bobby who was adopted. Bobby was a special boy and saw the doctors often. His heart was broken in a way that only extensive surgeries would fix. She also had a younger brother named Keith. Keith was a year and a half younger than Katie and they were close while they were young, but once Katie became disabled he kept his family at a distance.

Bobby and Katie started school when she was four and Bobby was five. Katie loved school, she played with other girls, did crafts and read books. Katie became fast friends with a girl in her class named Petunia, whom everyone called Pet. Pet’s daddy was the principal of the school as well as pastor of the adjoining church. Katie’s family were members of the church and attended every Sunday morning service. They were very fond of Pet’s parents, as well Pet and her three sisters. Their mommies were both nurses, although neither of them worked outside the home.

It was a time in which everyone believed the world was impervious to monsters who could ruin their children. This very belief is what made Katie so vulnerable to the monsters she crossed paths with. It began the day she was called to the principal’s office. She skipped to his office without a care. Katie knocked softly on his door and was told to enter, revealing Pastor. He was sitting at a big wooden desk and the room’s walls were adorned with shelf upon shelf of books, more books than the library that mommy took her to. Katie loved books, even at age four she knew the power books held. The potential to go anywhere and be anyone. She spent much of her time exploring with Christopher Robin and Pooh. Pastor asked Katie to stand next to him. He showed her a giant book of animals and invited her to sit on his lap as she perused the astounding pages. Katie studied the book intensely and didn’t notice Pastor put his hand in his pants, she was absorbing all the wondrous animals. When Pastor was finished, he tapped her off his lap and asked,”Would you like to come back sometime to read about the animals?” “Oh,yes!” she replied with a smile. “Okay, you keep our book a secret and I will let you read it again.” Katie nodded, knowing that she should not keep secrets, but truly wanting to read the entire book. What was the harm?

Next time Katie was called to his office, she skipped the entire way, knowing she would get to read some more of the special book. The book sat upon his desk, just like last time. Katie climbed upon his lap, just like last time. She started to read when she felt a finger slipping into her panties. Pastor whispered into her ear, ”Read your book sweetheart.” So she read, but it was difficult to stay focused on the book when he was touching her like that. When he was done, she boldly asked him, “Why did you do that?” He replied that she was so beautiful, he could not help himself. She blushed at this, realizing she had brought this upon herself.

Katie went home that day shaken by the encounter. In her dreams that night she decided that she would hide her true self deep inside her mind, in the body of a boy. A boy she dubbed the goblin king. She took him by the hand leading him down a stone path ending at a rock wall. She explained that she gave him the best of herself, but needed him to hide in the land beyond the wall. She bid him farewell, gave him a kiss for good luck then boosted him to the top of the wall. He smiled at her, then with a nod, he jumped to the other side. Where he would successfully hide for almost half a century.

Katie returned to school and played the happy beautiful girl for everyone. She was invited to stay the night with Pet, both girls were excited. When it was time for bed Pet’s mom let them have kool aid after they brushed their teeth, this would never happen at home, so Katie drank it all graciously. The girls giggled their way into Pet’s room. Katie started to feel peculiar, so Pet wrapped her arms around Katie and ushered her to the bed. The sleepy girls cuddled together under the soft blue blanket. Katie awoke to Pet lying on top of her. Pet had no pajamas on and was putting her hands under the nightdress Katie was wearing. She kissed Katie repeatedly all over her body. Then Katie noticed what she had thought to be lightning, was the flash of a camera. Pastor was taking pictures of Katie and Pet. He once again reminded Katie of her beauty and how she should share that beauty with others. As before, Katie took the blame and followed Pastor’s request, touching and kissing Pet. When he was through, they had more kool aid. Katie was happy it was all over and she gulped the drink down. Pet put their night clothes back on and tucked them both back under the blue blanket. Katie knew she needed to escape, this is when she met Baby in her dreams. Baby was also four years old, and she promised to help Katie forget the events of the night and to keep her the happy girl she was known to be. Baby was a beautiful angelic child with long blonde hair and big cerulean eyes.

The girls woke up the next morning excited about spending the day together. Pet’s mommy made everyone pancakes for breakfast. Katie had some scary dreams the night before, but kept them to herself. Katie and Pet played at the school playground until it started to get dark. They had to wash up before dinner, so they went to the bathroom. Covering the counter were little containers of colors. Pet said that tonight would be a dress up night. Katie had no idea what the colors were used for, but watched as Pet put her own hair into two ponytails, one above each ear. Katie’s mommy did this for her and she had no idea how to do it herself. Pet showed her how to copy the hairstyle. They looked at each other in the mirror and giggled. Pet then showed Katie how to use the colors, she called it makeup. Pet began showing Katie how to use little sponges to put the blue color on her eyelids, the black comb to make their eyelashes black and a tube of red color on their lips. The girls were giggling, having a great time feeling all grown up. Pet’s mommy called them out to dinner. When they entered the kitchen, the Pastor whistled and told them how beautiful and grown up they looked. They giggled their way through dinner and were told they could go to Pet’s room to play.
Pet’s mom asked them if they wanted to go for a car ride, they excitedly agreed. They each had a cup of kool aid, then headed to the car. All of Pet’s family was going along on this ride. It must have been a long ride, because all of the girls were sleepy when the car stopped. They were carried into a building. Everything seemed like a dream that Katie could not understand. People were holding her and kissing her all over and she thought she saw flashes of lightning. They told her how beautiful she was and that everyone was going to love her. Baby held her hand through it all telling her it would be over soon, allowing Katie to go back to sleep. The next thing she knew she woke up in Pet’s bed, no ponytails, no makeup, just her “Katie” in her nightgown lying next to Pet.

Katie slept through many nights like this.

It was about this time that Bobby began his own ordeal, surgeries. They opened Bobby’s heart to try to fix it. Bobby had to stay in the hospital for weeks and mother would never leave him. Daddy had to work and so Katie stayed with Pet’s family.

Chapter Baby

Baby experienced more nights in which she was living a nightmare, due to Katie’s beauty. There were so many nights of kool aid before bed, Baby could not deal with it on her own. Along came Angelina, another loving child who would stand in for her, especially when they were taken to the altar in the woods. The grown ups would be dressed in cloaks with hoods. It wasn’t long before Angelina realized that was all they wore. The people in the group would take turns lying naked on the cool stone altar and choose one of the children to “help them”. When you were chosen, you were made to perform oral sex on them. This was the cause of Kat’s creation, she had the capacity and need for sexual things. She was always waiting for a person to lay upon this altar, and never dreaded when Katie was chosen. It seemed as if Katie was chosen more than any of the other girls. The only children there were girls, Kat thought that odd. Soon she would find out why. Many times there was an animal sacrifice on the altar after the sex stuff, this was often more upsetting to the girls than the acts they were forced ito perform. The girls were told that they and their family would meet the same end as the animal if they ever told. This made the secret important for the girls to keep.

Chapter Angelina

Well, one day Katie (Angelina) “told”, unfortunately I disclosed it to the wrong person. The next time we were at the altar, the person I had told took me aside and removed his hood. I knew I was in big trouble for telling. They told us that there was a new job for Katie tonight , this scared Katie so bad she ran away somewhere inside. Baby and Angelina were at the ready. “You must do this because you tried to tell, fortunately for us you told the wrong person” Pastor said while laughing. This baby was a boy and belonged to one of the people wearing cloaks. I was the one who told, so it was decided that I should be the one to do this.They handed me a baby. I was told to put the baby on the altar, thank goodness he was a sleepy baby, because I had to navigate four steps to accomplish the task. The baby was soft and warm in my arms and he smelled so sweet, I didn’t want to lay him down on the cold slab. Someone came up behind me forcing me to put the baby down, then slipped a dagger in my hand wrapping his own huge hand around both of my little ones. Everyone began chanting words I did not understand. The man behind me whispered in my ear,”You must loudly say, I give this boy to the Lord of the night so We are one.” I repeated, “I give this boy to the Lord of the night so We are one.” With that I felt her hand move, I watched in horror as my hands brought the dagger down piercing the boy’s chest. The boy howled for only a second or two, but to me it felt like forever. The adults began to chant in an unfamiliar language, encouraging the children to chant with them, over and over, those three little words, a phrase that will never be forgotten. Ven Dach Sen, over and over they chanted. The man behind me translated to English,``We are one.” I was also told that if I ever strayed again in keeping the secret, my tongue would be removed with the same dagger I sacrificed the boy with. Many years passed, until one day we (Katie) felt safe to tell some of our story. We never trust “church” people and are quite leery of anyone who calls themselves a christian. While we were invo;ved in a dissociative disorders group, we had to find a therapist. Having been through therapy most of our life, we had not found a trusting relationship. Fortunately, we found someone to trust through Jewish Family Services named Debbie. This calm, gentle woman saved our life. Debbie
was just what we needed. We allowed Angelina time alone with Debbie and while she could not say the words, Debbie understood. The next time Angelina appeared, she believed her tongue was gone and she could not speak.

Much of Katie’s life was spent waking up somewhere that she had no idea how she got there. She would be at the park playing and the next moment she was at the beach with her family. She assumed that this was life and happened to everyone.

Chapter FE

I am Fiona Elizabeth Crane - FE for short and Katie used to visit me when I was just a baby. I do not know how she got to my world, I just know she was the most wonderful, (erm only) human I knew. My parents and my Nana Dragon realized that our world was ending and so they used all their magic to send me to Katie’s world. Katie was ten years old, so she left me in the care of Anna, the old lady who lived through the woods in a cottage by the lake. I happily lived near the woods by the lake for years under the watchful eye of Anna who loved me as if I were her own. There were plenty of things to do at Anna’s. In front of her cottage was a lake and behind the house, a forest that was so large it encompassed the cottage and lake, leaving small paths leading through the woods and into other places. The first one I followed led to an encounter with a humongous grey/blue animal who introduced itself as Tenacious- but was called Ten. Turns out Ten was a rhinoceros who walked erect and was very empathetic. We spent lots of time together walking the trails in quiet company. Through these walks I learned that I was a part of a collective. Everyone in the collective lived in their comfort space and when called upon would exit via a revolving door, shortly thereafter someone else would come in through that very same door. I learned that when bad things happened outside” the realm” causing hurt to whoever was outside, someone had to take their place. Ten would go out a lot, being thick skinned and stubborn. I was getting interested in the world outside my safe space and would stand behind Pammie, Kat or Anna when they were at work. We were in the break room, and while I was peeking out I noticed someone who glowed a bright blue. I longed to speak but was too scared. I knew I did not want to be in this outside world alone. Pammie had many friends at this job, it was at a junior high school and many of the students were of the same age as Pammie. She let me tag along and taught me her job. I was 25 years old and finally had a reason to explore outside. I just needed to let go of my fear. Pammie knew this blue being, his name was Drew and she joked with him a lot. I was curious to know many things about him. I honestly think Pammie made him ask me out. We went to a place for dinner where we were allowed to write on the table cloth. We spent a lot of time together and he got to know the others that I lived with. He introduced me to his friends, who thankfully taught the collective that the outside world did not have to be full of pain.

Chapter Katherine Christine Case

They call me Kat, and I am a whore. I came into being when nobody could handle things on the outside, mostly sex. Katie’s first adult boyfriend Tom took her to the woods near his house to smoke a joint.(I was created in the woods long ago, thanks to the pastor and his followers.) This was no ordinary joint, but one laced with Phencyclidine also known as angel dust. Katie was tripping and he got mad when she said “Adam doesn’t have a mustache” She believed she was Eve in the Garden of Eden with Adam. This was the beginning of a very abusive relationship for Katie and a very tiring time for me. He drugged her regularly, then encouraged his friends to use the body while he filmed these sessions. I am not proud of taking drugs, but I could not be totally compliant without them. Tom knew I would try to dominate these sessions when I was left drug free.. When I was under control, I made more money for him than any of the drug and bang sessions with his friends ever made. With a clear head I could dominate anyone for money, the deal being that a contract was signed and I was paid up front. Word got around and I had many customers male and female that were not about sex. This is where I learned my power to give people what they secretly desired. Someone to take care of them and for a specified time period, I would give them a respite from the drudgery of life. It hurt to see Katie like this, but when he was angry with her he would hurt her in a way that was cruel and no one could ever see. He once tied the legs of their cat together after we went to sleep. Upon waking she heard the mewling, upon walking onto the screen porch she found the poor kitty with ropes tied tightly around her legs, they were so swollen she didn’t want to be touched. We eventually were able to loosen the ropes and get her untied and massaged her legs. The Collective's weakness has been and will always be animals. Katie finally got away from Tom after years of abuse.

Chapter Anna

Greetings, my name is Anna and they refer to me as a mother hen as I am the main carer for the collective. I have a little cottage in the woods where the door is always open and safe hugs are given freely. I raised FE from an infant and the little ones come to me when fears need to be assuaged. I make each and everyone feel valued and important, for without each other, none of us could have survived the outside world. I am also the vessel of Christianity. I do not share my beliefs with anyone, because I believe the others are here because of the abuse many suffered at the hands of those who proclaimed themselves as such. Angelina once told me about a baby she held, but refused to share more than that. I told her about the baby Jesus and how he grew up and died for everyone’s sins. This is when the stealing began. The outside parent needed to step up. Luckily, this mom would notice her taking the baby Jesus from nativities everywhere. She would gently tell her that she was stealing and purchased a nativity that she could play with. She taught her grandson about this, so when Katie and her son were out shopping the stolen baby Jesus’ would be replaced. After this mom passed, Katie’s husband commissioned a doll to be made for her that was often mistaken for a living child. She hasn’t stolen since.

Chapter Pammie LeCarre

This is Pammie here and my story is all wrapped up with my brother, who’s name is Centipede. We all call him Pede though. Pede is twelve and I am 14 most of the time but from December 25th through to the end of the year I am 15. As the new year rings true I am 14 yet again. Pede has always been 12. I was made to always be okay. I am always happy- go- lucky but I am also a bit mischievous, which is why my brother was created. His job is to keep everyone in line. He lives in a castle in the sky and if someone misbehaves, he takes them to the tower so they can look down upon us to see what they are missing. The tower isn’t occupied so much anymore and I think he doesn’t really like his job. Right now he wants to write for himself and told me to stop writing about him as he can do it himself, Okay, then more about me for right now. I had a boyfriend once. His name was David and he held my hand when we went to SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events, he even went with me to remove the arrows from the target I shot at. Life was wonderful until he got a girlfriend that wasn’t a minor. I almost ruined that for him because I went after her. That is when I finally realized that I was an other. Now that I sit back and think about things, I guess we are all others. We all seem to lose time in the world only accessed through the body’s eyes.

Chapter Katie

Chapter Goblin King
The Goblin King was hidden away as a toddler. He was the core of the one physically born into the world. He was lavished with love and care before being spirited away. This was for her protection, no one would ever suspect this special girl to be hidden inside a boy who was hidden inside her head. The Goblin King had an entire world of his own on the other side of a wall from the rest of the others. He was joined by Lela and her daughter Larkin who spoke a language only he could understand.

Chapter Tenacious

Chapter Centipede

Chapter Larkin

Chapter Raven

Chapter David
I am a protector, I watch over everyone. I will defend my family to the end.

Chapter Lela

Chapter Victoria “Tori”

Chapter Robot

Chapter nobody

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