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What Normal Poeple Should Know About Sociopaths

Permanent Linkby Chainsaw on Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:05 pm

There are a lot of people on the internet who claim that you should be warned about people with ASPD, also called psychopaths or sociopaths. But let me tell you this: most information is just ######6 bûllshit. All they tell you is that you should run away as soon as you can, because "they are dangerous, violent and toxic".

#1 People with ASPD always manipulate others and fake emotions.

Come on. Do you think that people with ASPD spend their whole lives manipulating other people? They don't always manipulate and feign emotions, they don't even need to. People with ASPD have a lack of empathy. This doesn't mean that their own emotions are fake. People with ASPD also do things because they just think it's right or sensible, they don't always do things only to manipulate you.

#2 People with ASPD want bad for everyone.

When someone with ASPD gives you a honest but harsh advice, they don't necessary do this to hurt you in a sneaky way. Even while they don't have empathy, they could still think about doing something good. They may don't feel the difference between good and bad, but they know what is good for you and what not.

#3 People with ASPD hate the world

That's not true for most people with ASPD. I have ASPD and I don't even care that much about people and the world. I've never felt hate. Also, when someone annoys me or hinders me, I don't care that long. If the event is over, I don't care anymore. That is shallow affect. It actually prevents me from doing harm.

#4 People with ASPD can't be treated with therapy.

I think that depends entirely on the person and not on the ASPD. People with ASPD could benefit from a therapist who would learn them about the perspective of normal people. Most people would think that this just makes them better at manipulating people. But changing their - sometimes cynical and paranoid - perspective could change their behavior towards other people. You also wouldn't try to be friendly if you believe that everyone arounds you also has no concience and empathy.


Of course there are some people with ASPD who are dangerous, violent or just toxic. But this doesn't mean that all people with AsPD are. And even when they are dangerous, violent or toxic, there is still a lot misinformation.

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