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Pitbull Owners Are Sociopaths
   Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:14 pm
ASPD or Transdisorderism?
   Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:20 pm

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Pitbull Owners Are Sociopaths

Permanent Linkby Chainsaw on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:14 pm


FIRST: I don't believe all pitbull owners are sociopaths, and I believe this because most pitbull owners are not aware of the danger of their own dog. They also believe the lies they are being told by pitbull lobbyists. Some owners believe that they have saved the life of the pitbull, but they don't know that it may cost the live of innocent children. Examples of these myths [lies or manipulations] are:

"Pitbulls have been nannydogs."
"All dogs bite, pitbulls aren't different."
"Labradors bite more then pitbulls."
"They [pitbulls] are good with children."
"Fighting and killing is not in their genes."

Pitbulls were bred to fight and kill, just like some other dogs were bred on qualities that made them good guarddogs. Pitbulls are bred to have qualities that make them better fightdogs. Looking at their body is enough proof for this. Their jaw makes them capable of inflicting maximal damage.

The different between a pitbull attack and a labrador attack is that a pitbull won't stop. A pitbull attack isn't a bite. A labrador will bite once and leave as soon as possible, since most dogs are conflict-avoiding. Barking is a mechanism that is being used to make the threat leave, that's why dogs start barking at each other. Pitbulls, on the other hand, will keep biting till their victim is dead. They are bred to do this.

Pitbulls don't avoid conflict. And most of all: they don't bark before they attack. Owners of these fighting dogs often say: "It was unexpected. My pitbull never barked or growled at anyone, and now he's suddenly murdering my child!" Pitbulls don't bark before they attack because that's a way of avoiding a conflict, and as stated before, they are not like normal dogs who want to avoid fights and conflicts. They love to fight.

YES, pitbulls have murdered children. They have killed innocent babies. Look it up at www.dogsbite.org, www.animals24-7.org, www.daxtonsfriends.com, www.nationalpitbullvictimawareness.com. These sites give you more information and statistics about these dangerous dogs. But now I want to talk about the personality of the pitbull onwers who are presented with these facts. It's not how you raise them!


If you have studies the dangers about pitbulls, you may be wondering why people have these dogs. Are they stupid? I think they are! The proof against these dogs is clear. No other dog has been such a political problem. There's a reason for that: pitbulls don't bite - they maul and kill.
These people own these dogs because:

1) They believe they are doing the dog a favour. (LOL, no! Only the shelter and pitbull breeders!)
2) They hope the pitbull can protect them. (This dog has no guard qualities!)
3) They believe all the crap they've heard. (Naive people like that cannot raise any dog!)

People who have such a dog because of the above reasons seem normal dog owners. And when you present them the overwhelming evidence against this dog as family pet, you would expect them to think again. Maybe they would throw the pitbull out of their house, as most people don't want to risk being responsible for a family members death. No. Pitbull owners seem to be different from other dog owners.

Could it be that their weirdness was actually the subconscious reason for taking such a dog?
Well, a study has showen that pitbull owners are more likely to be antisocial or psychopathic.

I have nothing against antisocials or psychopaths, lol, I'm one myself, but they are the lowest of the low functioning, in my opinion because they own this stupid killer machine. Their arguments for having these dogs are insane. I was surprised to hear that these people may be psychopathic, because owning a pitbull and having a normal/high IQ are not compatible.

But that doesn't mean that the research isn't accurate. It's actually very accurate if you look at pitbull owners and the criteria for antisocial personality disorder....

[ Continued ]
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ASPD or Transdisorderism?

Permanent Linkby Chainsaw on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:20 pm

Antisocial personality disorder is a highly demonized AND desired disorder. I think most nons are not aware of this fact. They have a huge dislike for people with ASPD because of their own experience. Or ASPD-haters are just influenced by the media: they think that all ASPD's are evil murderers who are out to get you! But there is also another group: those who desire to have ASPD. I don't know how long this phenomenon exists and when it started but some psychologists seem to promote ASPD.

A good example of an ASPD-promoter is Kevin Dutton. He diagnosed his father as a psychopath after his death, and claims that psychopaths can be functional because his "psychopathic" father was not a dysfunctional person. Functional psychopathy and functional ASPD does not exist and is not realistic, because a functional live would prevent a person from getting diagnosed. And we all know that self-diagnosis or diagnosis by proxy is not really reliable, especially not when someone has passed away!

Those who desire ASPD are often unhappy with their life. They are confused about their identity, that's why they seek another one. Their self-diagnosis is nothing but confirmation bias and wishful thinking. If they start to believe it, it shows they are far from home.* It's unclear if fake ASPD starts at a young age or not though there are young people on ASPD's boards who pretend to have ASPD. This is not a secret.

Aren't they like transgenders? They also try to be something they are NOT. For example, a women can never be a dude, since she has no testes. She can remove her uterus and breasts, but her genetics, skull and skeleton structure screams MALE. No matter how hard she tries. This behavior is ALSO normalized by the media. Transgenders are treated as though they are discriminated against, but how's that possible if a lot of them just pass as the opposite gender?

This behavior - which I call transdisorderism - is just as transgenderism. The person is changing or removing gender. In the case of transdisorderism, the person adds, removes or replaces a certain disorder. You'd think that it doesn't seem the same as transgenderism since they can only choose between female or male, but that's not true. To them, there is also cisgender, queer, androgyn, transmasculine. The list goes on and on. It's getting as long as the list of Cluster A, B ánd C disorders.

Just like transgenders, they believe they had a certain thing all their life, and they want to adjust to it. In a pathological, annoying way. The people who fake ASPD are not cool functional psychopaths - they are transdisordered, unless they are officially diagnosed. Which is not hard these times. Transgenders can pass as the opposite gender, and transdisordered people can pass as psychopaths if they try hard enough. There's enough information and opportunity to fake it in order to pass.

In short, transdisorderism is a mental state which is characterized by believing that one has another disorder then the original disorder [or absence thereof]. Transdisordered people seem to suffer from identity problems and dysphoria, that's why they transition. Transdisordered identity disorder is the cause of transdisorderism, and is often caused by low self-esteem.

Psychologists should stop with promoting psychopathy, just like the mass media is shoving transgenderism down our throats. I'm sure there's some political agenda behind this all.

* "[being] far from home" is a saying which means that someone has it wrong or that someone is far from his/her goal.

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ASPD: Confusion Part 1

Permanent Linkby Chainsaw on Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:27 pm

This blog describes a bit of how I became self-aware, and what kind of confusion I was going through before I got diagnosed with ASPD.

I wasn't always aware of the fact that I don't have a conscience, even while I did a lot of illegal stuff without feeling guilty. But I always knew that there was something different about me. The point was that I couldn't exactly pinpoint what is was, because no one ever talked openly about things like empathy and the conscience. Why would normal people do that in the first place? It's natural for them to have a conscience and they assume that most, if not all, people think the same.

That's the same with colors, why would a person constantly mention the colors he can see? Why would he say things like: "Oh, that's my new jacket, it's red." He doesn't have to tell the color to other people because they see exactly the same as him. But the person who can't see colors would be slightly confused or he wouldn't pay much attention because the word "red" has no meaning to him. It's not important enough to ask about or it's just weird to ask it.

Why would I care about things that don't exist to me? I had a lot of moments that I could see that I didn't react normal. I could show a lack of fear, I would be the only one in the room who didn't cared about the birthday of another person, but this moments were not important to me. I had it so many times that I just thought it wasn't abnormal. I was used to it, so the thought that there may could be something wrong disappeared in my subconscious. I just faked as much as I could and I never thought about this as weird, it was just who I am.

But things started to change when I aged thirteen. I got a lot problems at that time because my behavior started to stand out from other teenagers. There were a lot of teenagers in my country who stealed and assaulted people, but I became a bit aware of my own weirdness when I got to know the local police...

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What Normal Poeple Should Know About Sociopaths

Permanent Linkby Chainsaw on Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:05 pm

There are a lot of people on the internet who claim that you should be warned about people with ASPD, also called psychopaths or sociopaths. But let me tell you this: most information is just ######6 bûllshit. All they tell you is that you should run away as soon as you can, because "they are dangerous, violent and toxic".

#1 People with ASPD always manipulate others and fake emotions.

Come on. Do you think that people with ASPD spend their whole lives manipulating other people? They don't always manipulate and feign emotions, they don't even need to. People with ASPD have a lack of empathy. This doesn't mean that their own emotions are fake. People with ASPD also do things because they just think it's right or sensible, they don't always do things only to manipulate you.

#2 People with ASPD want bad for everyone.

When someone with ASPD gives you a honest but harsh advice, they don't necessary do this to hurt you in a sneaky way. Even while they don't have empathy, they could still think about doing something good. They may don't feel the difference between good and bad, but they know what is good for you and what not.

#3 People with ASPD hate the world

That's not true for most people with ASPD. I have ASPD and I don't even care that much about people and the world. I've never felt hate. Also, when someone annoys me or hinders me, I don't care that long. If the event is over, I don't care anymore. That is shallow affect. It actually prevents me from doing harm.

#4 People with ASPD can't be treated with therapy.

I think that depends entirely on the person and not on the ASPD. People with ASPD could benefit from a therapist who would learn them about the perspective of normal people. Most people would think that this just makes them better at manipulating people. But changing their - sometimes cynical and paranoid - perspective could change their behavior towards other people. You also wouldn't try to be friendly if you believe that everyone arounds you also has no concience and empathy.


Of course there are some people with ASPD who are dangerous, violent or just toxic. But this doesn't mean that all people with AsPD are. And even when they are dangerous, violent or toxic, there is still a lot misinformation.

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Antisocial Personality Disorder and Depression

Permanent Linkby Chainsaw on Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:47 pm

NOTE: I'm not diagnosed with major depression, I'm only writing about how I feel depressed. Of course, that's not the same and I have don't want to diagnose myself. But major depression runs in my family and it wouldn't suprise me if I suffer from major depression. This week I gonna make an appointment with my GP.

Most people with antisocial personality disorder seem to feel bored and restless and I can relate to that. But I don't even feel that anymore. It's like I'm not feeling anything anymore. As someone with AsPD, I am used to shallow affect. That means that I don't feel emotions that deeply. They easily fade away and I don't care that long about emotional situations. I'm capable of moving on very fast.

But I've felt them in the past, everyday. I still felt contentment, pleasure and euphoria everyday. I also felt boredom, anger, frustration and annoyance.

The last time, I haven't felt anything. It bothers me. All I feel is headache and tiredness. I don't feel hunger. I could easily kill myself, but rationally I know there must be a way out somewhere. A psychiatrist? Anti depressants? I hope so.

I don't believe in therapy, because I don't have a reason to feel this way. If I would have a good reason, talking about it and healing from some things would be a perfect solution. But I don't believe it's that simple. I just don't know what this is.


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