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ASPD or Transdisorderism?
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ASPD or Transdisorderism?

Permanent Linkby Chainsaw on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:20 pm

Antisocial personality disorder is a highly demonized AND desired disorder. I think most nons are not aware of this fact. They have a huge dislike for people with ASPD because of their own experience. Or ASPD-haters are just influenced by the media: they think that all ASPD's are evil murderers who are out to get you! But there is also another group: those who desire to have ASPD. I don't know how long this phenomenon exists and when it started but some psychologists seem to promote ASPD.

A good example of an ASPD-promoter is Kevin Dutton. He diagnosed his father as a psychopath after his death, and claims that psychopaths can be functional because his "psychopathic" father was not a dysfunctional person. Functional psychopathy and functional ASPD does not exist and is not realistic, because a functional live would prevent a person from getting diagnosed. And we all know that self-diagnosis or diagnosis by proxy is not really reliable, especially not when someone has passed away!

Those who desire ASPD are often unhappy with their life. They are confused about their identity, that's why they seek another one. Their self-diagnosis is nothing but confirmation bias and wishful thinking. If they start to believe it, it shows they are far from home.* It's unclear if fake ASPD starts at a young age or not though there are young people on ASPD's boards who pretend to have ASPD. This is not a secret.

Aren't they like transgenders? They also try to be something they are NOT. For example, a women can never be a dude, since she has no testes. She can remove her uterus and breasts, but her genetics, skull and skeleton structure screams MALE. No matter how hard she tries. This behavior is ALSO normalized by the media. Transgenders are treated as though they are discriminated against, but how's that possible if a lot of them just pass as the opposite gender?

This behavior - which I call transdisorderism - is just as transgenderism. The person is changing or removing gender. In the case of transdisorderism, the person adds, removes or replaces a certain disorder. You'd think that it doesn't seem the same as transgenderism since they can only choose between female or male, but that's not true. To them, there is also cisgender, queer, androgyn, transmasculine. The list goes on and on. It's getting as long as the list of Cluster A, B ánd C disorders.

Just like transgenders, they believe they had a certain thing all their life, and they want to adjust to it. In a pathological, annoying way. The people who fake ASPD are not cool functional psychopaths - they are transdisordered, unless they are officially diagnosed. Which is not hard these times. Transgenders can pass as the opposite gender, and transdisordered people can pass as psychopaths if they try hard enough. There's enough information and opportunity to fake it in order to pass.

In short, transdisorderism is a mental state which is characterized by believing that one has another disorder then the original disorder [or absence thereof]. Transdisordered people seem to suffer from identity problems and dysphoria, that's why they transition. Transdisordered identity disorder is the cause of transdisorderism, and is often caused by low self-esteem.

Psychologists should stop with promoting psychopathy, just like the mass media is shoving transgenderism down our throats. I'm sure there's some political agenda behind this all.

* "[being] far from home" is a saying which means that someone has it wrong or that someone is far from his/her goal.

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