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Skateboard ramp theory - bunk
   Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:11 am

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Skateboard ramp theory - bunk

Permanent Linkby AmirElAchmed on Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:11 am

Yeah, extended period of experimentation with the former setup, gave me the necessary perspective.

Not getting the emotional flare to induce the required gratification to bridge the gender gap.

The shape of the former graph, it was like a lull, a dip, or vortex.

What I understand now is, emotional heightening, is like a wave.

The wave is "jealous", and it's driven forward by "force" - "jealous force".
That is the wave.

So as cues, I guess it's applied as a reminder of how to think, how to conduct oneself (myself), and the resultant implications of that etc.

Considering previous incarnations like "force jealousy" - that's not a wave, that's an action, an application. It can't work. Not to mention, "forcing" something can never form a flow-state, and as we all know - waves must flow, not be static.

"Jealous Force", a smooth, naturally flowing wave.
I'm 1 week into this today, reactions so far nice, very unique, different, but pretty much all positive.
Nothing aversive.

The other two emotional cues, "incite, union" - they seem to represent something which simply could not create nor drive a wave.
Much weaker, more passive or even kind of, "bitch", in nature.

In fact, they seem to kill the wave, so they must be omitted entirely.

Latest graph


Considering emotional potency, emitting lack of emotional potency as, it creates a lull or "vortex", which actually kills the wave potency.

Interesting to note that "love" as a cue, carries no wave potency (albeit it does carry wave RELEVANCE, just not potency).
And creates a huge swallowing vortex; I guess that's why they say, "fall in love" - it's the intuitive response to the feeling.
You fall in.
Kiss good nasty *mod edit* sex goodbye - lol.
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Permanent Linkby AmirElAchmed on Mon Dec 23, 2019 6:13 pm


It's like a skateboard ramp;

I guess as far as gender equalization goes.

We're implementing something such that the emotion is coming down on the left side, and basically needs enough momentum to ramp up the right side and off, so we can get that turn around and that's a full emotional implementation and the individual in question resultantly exhibits strong sexual impetus, "momentum", toward ourselves (i.e. where the arrows turn coming off of "force", and begin redirection toward ourselves).

"Union" is an immediate transition from the high potency of "jealous" ("jealous" could be a love/hate thing, if it doesn't have subsequent flow, the individual in question may just hate us - but given it's immediately followed by "union", then it facilitates further emotional transition) thus making for a smooth descent, and then moving into steep ascent of "force", using "incite" as the curvature to allow that subsequent transition.

Assuming the initial potency of "jealous" was sufficient (i.e. the jealousy is strong enough - which will be predicated on, us, basically - I guess, what we do, how we develop ourselves etc, to cause a sense of "jealous"), the momentum when transitioning into the second half, should be sufficient to basically - get airborne - coming off the end of the ramp.

At this point, that's when, in the observer, they start to come into us with sexual intent.

But I'm guessing additionally, we can implement a sense of control - as to that.
I certainly feel like that's the case.

Historically - it's men coming at women forcefully.

Now the paradigm should facilitate women potentially coming at men forcefully.

You know....


But, with control.
My experience thus far, which is limited is - some seriously bitchy, perpetually mal-content hotties, are being seriously sweet with me.

I get it, I need something definitive but, at this point - almost two weeks into this modified cue order which, I'm learning, is the first time the cue order has an actual applicable fluid dynamic about it, I'm still effectively getting a feel for it, and my behavior is subsequently adjusting for it.

Gene expression additionally - it's been my experience my body changes shape and I effectively present differently, as I've varied my personality state (i.e. the cues and cue order), so, I'm guessing that transition is a factor also.
("Buddha" was known to say - "if I think it, I become it". I think he was onto something).

With that being said, historically this has demonstrated itself as being a timely process.
Not just, implement the cues, snap my fingers and I'm a totally different person.
My dynamic adjusts immediately with immediate variation of the cues, yes - but for full "modifications" - that's the best way I can think of it - yeah, timely.

But yeah, responses thus far, feels very fluid, and emotionally charged, just like they should be - which of course means the sex should be ######6 great - lol.
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Cont: "Jealous Union, Incite Force" - status update

Permanent Linkby AmirElAchmed on Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:03 pm

I was really struggling with defining the visual - how the dynamic actually flowed.

I determined the series of cues that works, in the order they work (for the moment at least), but just couldn't visualize, WHY they work like that.

So, Sarandipity DM'd me, and it got me to thinking, and then - I don't know, maybe a couple tumblers fell into place but, suddenly the visual starts expanding and then,


So, there's a huge emotional flow from "jealous" to "union" - a waterfall - then a slow rise from "union" to "incite".

Now, "incite" is where mild imposition begins to occur, mild.
But it transitions to the epitome of imposition, "force".

"Force" is like - maxed out.
And I can say additionally - this is where physical gratification transpires.

The "climax".

So after this, we must regress.

This is where the flow begins to go back down, and into the placid state of "union" (the pool at the bottom of the waterfall).

BUT, critically noting that, that upwards ascension from "union", to "incite", and then to "force", is ONLY MADE POSSIBLE, via the flow state dynamic - which effectively obeys the laws of physics;

The end point, despite being higher than the mid point, because its START point is higher (highest state of emotional potency, "jealous") - allows the flow to effectively GO UPWARDS.

Thus, the imposition of "incite", and "force", is made possible or allowed to work, exclusively because it's preceded by "Jealous", to "union".

Flow state.

Alright - I feel good about that understanding.

Socially, it makes sense.

Say you're a man, and you meet a gal.
- The initial chemistry - "jealous"
- Then the cordial coming together, out for coffee etc - "union"
- Then things start to get hot and heavy, "incite"
- Then you're frenetically bumping uglies and making each others eyes roll back, physical gratification, "force"
- And then the physical needs are met and things mellow for a while, flow recedes back to "union", back hanging out, going for windy walks etc
- Provided the flow-state is maintained, and a good level of jealousy (which would be predicated on personal progress, being cool, productive person etc) is maintained - the flow from the lower point of "union", up the slope to "incite force" (again via principles of physics), can be maintained, and good sex and a happy life can be consecutively maintained.


I was struggling to understand the dynamics of the whole process but, yeah - this makes sense to me, in terms of its outline, in terms of explaining how the cue order is what it is, and in terms of relating it to the realistic day to day sequence of events.

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"Jealous Union, Incite Force" - status update

Permanent Linkby AmirElAchmed on Fri Dec 20, 2019 10:27 pm

I was trying to formulate my blog entries as each blog being a topic/subject, with a series of comments expounding on it.

But my comment posts aren't being approved by PF mods so, it's just gonna be a series of full blog entries (assuming they'll approve them).

Racking my brains over the last few days, the best visual dynamic I can determine via this cue order, is the one I had initially;


It's like, a huge initial downwards flow, then a kind of upwards flow - which all ultimately flow back into the lowest point, being "union".


"Jealous" - a huge emotional flare

"Union" - that of lowest emotion.

From very high, to the very lowest - like a waterfall.
Dramatic dramatic flow state.

Visualize the pool at the bottom of the waterfall as "union".

"Incite Force" - follows it. I'm not sure how this materializes yet but, I just know this specific cue order, at this point in time, renders the greatest/exclusive sense of allostasis/homeostasis - that is, intrinsic personality balance.
Independent of codependence, reliance on social groups etc for personal stability.

So, the emotional potency of "incite" and "force", do not exceed that of "jealous" thus, the flow state can continue - based on the physics of flow;
White water rapids, when you see water flow upwards effectively.
Or like when your syphoning the fuel out of your neighbours car: provided the end is lower than the source point, despite the mid range potentially dipping below the end point - the liquid can actually flow upwards.

"Force" is also the point where, things "get real", and like I've said, this is absolutely INTRINSIC to the administration of - I guess not entirely coincidentally - physical gratification.

Pffff - like I said, the specifics aren't clear to me yet but, I just know this is what's working - for the moment.

Reactions from people, socially etc - they vary subtly so, I'm hesitant to comment with too much authority as to what's what, yet.
But I'm definitely optimistic.

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Elucidating the Paradigm

Permanent Linkby AmirElAchmed on Sat Dec 14, 2019 3:30 pm


So I'll have to make do with links.


An interpretation of the emotional sequence.

What I can say at this point is, the most dramatic change in terms of its implementation over the recent past, is the modification of the cue "jealousy" - to just "jealous".

This may seem like a trivial modification, but critical in the fact that it allows the implementation of "jealous", as the opening cue - the 1st one.
As it's the most emotionally potent - I can't stress this enough - this is imperative.

I'd wondered why I just couldn't get the sequence to fully work with the previous, "jealousy, incite, force, union" no matter how I arranged them etc.

And the reason was, I can't "jealousy" a "union".
It makes so much more intuitive sense to "incite jealousy" or "force jealousy", "force union" etc.
Thus it was terribly elusive as to how I could apply "jealousy" in the first position, as the opening cue - and thus the foremost characteristic of our personality, the part that gets the most attention, and thus is responsible for the greatest degree of emotional implication.

That is to say, swagger gets stronger, dress sense gets sharper, behavior gets cooler, emotion goes higher (MUCH higher) - attraction become more acute (MUCH more acute).
Circuits get blown, in so many words.

May raise the question, "jealous union" - ??

That's not really an implementation now, is it?
How does that work?

My interpretation is, a "union" is a mutual, non-forced coming together - that is to say, it CAN'T be implemented, nor should it.
Thus, it's precipitated by "jealous".
So my outward demeanor suggests, I'm interested exclusively in a "jealous union" - not just a plain ol' ordinary one.

Because the latter means emotion doesn't go high, and the sex would be nauseating.

A "jealous union" - yeah, that's high emotion.
It's like a paradox; like saying, a "hot freezer" or, "jumbo shrimp".

I know, right?

Welcome to the matrix!

Like quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement, wave behavior, particle behavior, both?
It goes against common sense, but that's how things work.

The more day to day way of seeing it is, you want to hook up with that gal over there?
Grab another gal, and play tonsil hockey with her in front of the gal you REALLY want.

That's how it's done.

That's a "jealous union", except now everything is encapsulated in our own personality, our own behavior - no need for the third party (shout out to Sarandipity).


And then "incite force"..... (cont)

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