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Tyrosine and suicidal thoughts

Permanent Linkby Ada on Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:52 pm

Taking 500mg tyrosine daily [mostly] stops me having suicidal thoughts. I don't know why. I've not found much online directly accounting for it. I can't find anyone else writing the same thing. I guess I'm just weird. However, if you've found this blog entry by doing a websearch. Because you have the same situation going on. Let me tell you right now that n-acetyl tyrosine [NALT] is not "stronger" or "better" than plain l-tyrosine.

A while ago I ran out of regular tyrosine. And started on the NALT instead because. Stronger, better, right? A few days later I started to feel bleak. Looking into the future had no appeal. Looking back, the past was empty. The present was futile. I started thinking about putting a stop to things. It did not cross my mind that this might be a brain chemical thing. It felt 100% genuine. I could reason through all the background for this decision. It was perfectly logical and sensible. I started cleaning my house and throwing away items I didn't want my next-of-kin to have to deal with.

Then some glimmer of self preservation whispered- "hey, I've been here before. When I last ran out of tyrosine and thought "it's all placebo" I'll stop taking it." That didn't make sense to me. Since I was conscientiously taking the NALT which was much better. But what's a little money at this point. So I bought more l-tyrosine. I took it. Then I woke up next day ready to get on with living. And feeling ridiculous for the contents of my garbage. [Although everything went to the dump anyway. A good tidy-out is a good tidy-out.]

Seriously. If your brain is doing the same thing mine is. Those suicidal thoughts are a total lie. And nothing to do with anything real. However plausible they seem at the time. JUST DUMP THE NALT.


This isn't a doctor's recommendation. I don't [yet] understand why tyrosine does this to / for me. I was having similar thoughts before I started taking it. So I probably haven't damaged my brain so it can't do without. My biochemistry might be totally weird. Or warped from the other odd things I do with my brain. Or that my brain's done with me. I'm just saying. If some of this rings bells with you. Don't make this mistake. :D
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