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Author:  Ada [ Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:41 am ]
Blog Subject:  Interesting quote from "Some Thoughts about Schizoid Dynamics"

I also find myself wondering if some large-scale parallel process is at work in the lack of general attention to psychoanalytic knowledge about schizoid issues. George Atwood once commented to me that the controversy over whether or not multiple personality (dissociative identity disorder) “exists” is strikingly parallel to the ongoing, elemental internal struggle of the traumatized person who develops a dissociative psychology: “Do I remember this right or am I making it up? Did it happen or am I imagining it?” It is as if the mental health community at large, in its dichotomous positions about whether there really are dissociative personalities or not, is enacting a vast, unacknowledged countertransference that mirrors the struggle of the patients in question. Comparably, we might wonder whether our marginalizing of schizoid experience parallels the internal processes that keep schizoid individuals on the fringes of engagement with the rest of us.

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