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Author:  Ada [ Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:52 am ]
Blog Subject:  I'm starting an external blog about my daydreaming problem

I have two blog posts pending publication here, and it is frustrating to add a third to the queue. I'm clearly making work for the forum moderators, and it's not a fully-fledged blog system as you'll see if you try to add a comment. When I do that, I either see 'this comment needs to be approved' or 'you do not have permissions to complete this action.' Not being able to use BBCode is a pain too! Finally, I can't edit any posts here, which makes sense in terms of keeping a permanent record and in helping posters understand that their words are saved in search engines even if they could edit them, but it is very annoying when I spot typos that I want to fix or points that I'd like to clarify. So I'll be blogging mainly at:

which now contains the content from my first daydreaming posts here, plus I'll be updating it on the subjects of fantasising, maladaptive daydreaming and trying to quit unhealthy thought processes. If you're interested, you're welcome to visit, and hopefully it will be easier to make comments too, should you wish.

Here, I'll probably stick to occasional posts about SPD and related topics and it will be much less frequently posted to since most of my thoughts are better written in forum topics.

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