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Posted this on Schizoeffective forums yesterday
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Posted this on Schizoeffective forums yesterday

Permanent Linkby Zdlwoo on Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:53 am

[quote="Zdlwoo"]do I have a lot of time spent in the last day trying to find something for focus but going back I did get some Strattera from my psychiatrist after waiting for about a month trying to get an appointment .my Schizoeffective if that is what it actually is got hella worse so now I'm back on Seroquel after being off of it for months and I can't find Adderall on the Internet and my psychiatrist won't give it to me because it might make my schizoaffective what I think is schizoaffective worse.adderall help me a lot and at Highschool I could concentrate my grades were Good good or great instead of pretty Poor without adderall.

Though now that I've been diagnosed with schizoaffective I'm not sure that I still could take Adderall And be all right it could amplify voices.(any drug use is a major ######6 thing between me and voices) i don't think I have a terrible mental affliction but maybe brain damage I was a big-time drug user of speedball 2.5 years ago since then sober but I couldn't feel a tenth or heroin mixed with a fat crack rock in a shot or a shot of meth. Im skeptical all drugs will work on me or that old ones will function like before I had my diagnosis.not sure if drugs are going to go to help me but my motivation is pretty ###$ up i'm not sad but I don't do anythingmama told me to try I'm sure she would and it's not like I don't want to do the task but $#%^ like staring in a ######6 wall is doing a task I thought about getting modafinilbut don't think that helps with motivation[/quote]

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