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Free speech in America; not free speech on the net

Permanent Linkby OMNICELL on Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:26 am

Something strange is changing on the net; on facebook and media. IT seems anything that is not center is shaming language. Im on facebook groups; At times hearing about women mad because me don't like their plus size; ant't attracted to them; Then why not loose the weight. Well; After making that comment; it was all out war against me. I didn't understand. Now I do.
Im slowly learning; Im a slow learner; that on media; media is not American free speech rights. Any combination of words can be looked at as shaming language. So; if I say the truth; Ill be band from the group for causing pain. Is this OK; well; the admins run the group; they are the law; and most of that law appears socialistic. Im an American and I like expressing my free speech. Free speech is not guaranteed on the internet on different sites. The internet is not American free speech.
Ive been visually attacked when bringing up subjects I felt required answers. No one wanted an answer. And they wanted to make sure I was not going to give one; Ive been band from groups and attacked through comments numerous times for telling the truth. " You Cant Date people in general unless you lose weight; that means your at the your normal weight"; its a biological fact; that is one reason marriages are failing and why many men prefer specific races to date; Asian women for example; they are thin; ITs as simple as that. Thin people do better in the dating world. DA! I was talking to people in their 20's concerning weight loss; if these people were over 50; Id understand their reluctance to loose weight; But in their 20's; its not hard at all to loose weight in ones 20's 30; eve 40's; its easy.....
My facebook page was attacked and then my pics and any free writing I had done on my facebook page was attacked. Dont remember when anyone cared enough to ruin my facebook page posts...
I don't ever remember being attacked like this before and also, more n more people showing up to leave comments on my stuff on my page; hmmmm! Feels like spill over....... People are getting more bold thinking they can cross lines any way they want....
I can see an interesting thing happening; I think a nations children are being brought up by admins from websites parents are not bringing their children up. I think the rules on facebook groups are creating the values structure within kids. I think kids are bringing it into the real world and live by it. the values for these groups are " no free speech, only speech where everyone gets along and theirs no trouble". And of course theirs no happiness in this; no real expression. of course this is suppose to be for a facebook group; so they don't want anyones opinions on things...not real opinions.... You feel me; You feel me; You feel me!
I see the same things on other sites; no cussing; no antisocial remarks; that kind of thing... No anti socialism remarks; thats a better way of putting it.
so; Im seeing a whole different group now online; Its a different kind of people; but I must remember; its not American; even if its from America; its a new America; more like an America ran by a combination of wealthy to poor and Admins from Face book; welcome to the new America. No sign of a revolution that Created America; America has been completely sold down the river; its gone. in fact; no reason to call it America anymore.... Those who believed in the revolution are now allocated to the back of the bus; we are of the old guard; looked at as garage material that has no more use...
Im afraid those who are to young never understood or know about he revolution from 250 years ago. That revolution tried to keep the other established governments out of the country; they tried and for a little while it was believable. But its over now. We are now no different then England or anywhere else. no freedom... And our speech is being destroyed; no freedom of speech and this will lead to any sorts of future take overs by sociopathic people within the government... To bad..
My struggle is loneliness; so facebook was feeding that; helping with it; but I was able to express my real feelings; Now they were clogged down by rules to impress possible advertisers..
Ill have to find other places on the net to visit.
ITs also strange to me that the right wing people; those who want freedom are some how looked down upon; its weird; unsettling; how could anyone be so gullible to see it that way. To see freedom that way. The globalists are brainwashing everyone; their is no global anything; their is the rich who want to get rich and they are pulling the scam on the people. Their is no freedom in global anything; We already had freedom as long as the people were in charge of their own country; now we have lost that freedom and we are back in the same rut once again before the revolution started.
What is being taught in the schools is part of the problem. Im not sure I what I would call it. I know the sciences are the same I believe; but not much else is worth it.. Art and music remain the same Guess.
In this country; college is to expensive for most and even for the colleges; when a society cant maintain its universities; this is not a good sign of a country; simply because the country is dying; thats what it means; or its already dead. I think this society is dead; this country is dead and its now being filled in with randomness.
I believe the united states will look like England more n more; their is no freedom; its a joke; the police departments will have more n more power. The people will be captive until they die... Im not sure the people in the United States will ever fight back for they have been brainwashed out of knowing where they came from. Things like Christmas and Thanks Giving and Easter and Halloween; its all changing. These are concepts of the old country; soon it will all change and the U.S. will turn into a giant parking lot.
I have this sick feeling that in the U.S. Things will get worse; be more sold out then other countries. IT will get worse here not equal to other countries. This is not like China. China continues to hold on to its identity; The U.S. has no identity; its being destroyed and what will be left; a parking lot for sale and not much else; with a bunch of lost people running around confused while running around on someone else tarmac. For the people will own nothing; they will be used by the rich. And at some point; the people will not be needed anymore for the rich and they will be neutralized and gotten away with and replaces by machines....

Dissociative Disorder
AVPD; Social avoidance
Previous/Psychotic clinical Depression
obsessive/compulsive disorder
Evolution didn't stop my death, God did .....Now what?
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