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Turning into a fish

Permanent Linkby voracious_lemon on Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:00 am

because I can't stop playing the piano. Cats are spies. Good God gracious greatness inflation deflation the brady bunch hunch munch buffalo Catskills never eating no more then the than thin think thunk rink runk stunk skunk munk funk. funk funk funk funk FUNK FUNK FUNK FUNK Doublehead and the ravine. Get me to the ravine off to the sand pits I'm stuck at the shrine. turkey trot bonds. James knows. He's in Idaho and I came as a rat but no flat. rent spent pent pence imprisonment chaos resign resign realign the spine of the ridge because nothings in the fridge not even a smidge. meaning is mmeaningless if there's not sleds in the drug induced labor markets. I can't see where is the beer why dont you come near fear here hear here hear the princess is dying and youre next no ones first and a wild dog ate my own there are no mice only sufice. more tempo
thum thumb thumps the deer jumped over the supernova and burned when the radio stopped. The blood comes out of the sink while the think stops the wink. Bar har har
the whales will skin you alive before the cops can stop and the ambulance comes but before they close the message the roads will tell you creation is a lie but destruction doesn't make the bread either. He can't stop I can't stop you can't stop we got big paws and driving the riving raves ravens kill the hawks screaching fighting stiches coyotes stiches bitches finches the world needs to know there is meaning just open your eyes and go to Georgia peaches are mountains are Mitchell and hospitals but ECT isn't an option just insatiable. eons and peons and clingons and ringons the diamond is worthless buy lead but follow because sometimes your dreams are nightmares and your nightmares are actually stalions which make more beer murder is free but guilt mess I'm broke. British ###$ and spanish trucks never mind the cat there's never a preview to the next shooting I cant even tell if there aren't any more lemons the hair mess blood dimension universe differentiate the curve there are no modes my mean is seven but z is more than 3.

I know. You know. He she it knows. They know. We know.
NUTS squirrel crap scare green run integrate divide conquer submiss remiss remorse divorce demean felon melon canteloupe will extinct. What's in a verb but a dandelion we destroy and import the weak. Lions lying and crying but their roars snores the boars to bore oh crap wheres the map fap nap tap. its natural don't sob rob. I dont' need you to tell me call wall mall small shrall claws paws pause. He growls and howls yet yellow jackets are a hacket meet by the highway the woods will flood but sleep is meak.

All I saw was the Devil's soul
And it looked a helluva lot like my own
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