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way above hypermanic

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way above hypermanic

Postby lovechell69 » Sun May 01, 2005 2:15 am

Hi everyone! :D Well, my therapist started some med changes last tuesday. She decreased my seroquel and started me on geodon. I've taken geodon before with no problem. My problem right now is since she made these changes I have been way above hypermanic. Thats not even a strong enough word for what I am. My gf and my daughter are both talking about how I am acting. I went yesterday and blew a hundred and fifty dollars on nothing. I'm racing around and I feel indestructable. Of course I'm not sleeping much but when I finally fell asleep last night I had bad nightmares and my gf said I was clawing at myself trying to hurt myself. I am also a self injurer. Well, first thing this morning I woke up not remembering the dreams but feeling dirty and nasty. So I went and cut. I've done everything today and yesterday and the day before. I feel like I'm superwoman. I have to wait till tuesday to see therapist before I can get any help with my new mood. I also take lamictal, lithium, zoloft, and lunasta. What a coctail huh lol.
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Postby sweetngentle » Sun May 01, 2005 8:27 am

Dear lovechell69,

Please don't spam the forums with the same message. Pick one forum that suits your diagnosis and stick with that one, ok?

Wishing you well....

Blessed are those
who can give without
remembering, and take
without forgetting.
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