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Dangerous Drugs

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Dangerous Drugs

Postby HipHopOpotamus7 » Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:18 am

I'm looking for information about dangerous drugs. I heard from someone that Topamax permanently screwed their memory up. Another person told me that Topamax paralyzed his face and gave him seizures. Someone else told me that when they took Xyprexa, they couldn't speak in full sentences and they forget how to say the alphabet. Someone told me that Klonopin gave them uncontrollable rage. Another person told me that Remeron made him suicidal. I'm taking risperdal, lithium, and lamictal. Anybody know about the worst case scenario on those drugs. Thanks for reading them.
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Postby MSBLUE » Fri Apr 29, 2005 1:42 pm

Meds are a very touchy liable subject, so I will have to go from my own experience. Each of us is different.

By the way , in Living with mental illness, ,there is a subforum called hope that has a thread on med awareness that is based on this conversation.

I've been on every mood stabilizer and antipsychotic out there, except for lithium. I refuse it. ( Which folks you can do!!!!!).

As far, as Topamax , that was my last med, it made me very forgetful, and my vision was blurred, it can cause glaucoma.

Zyprexa is great for my moods, but made me physically ill. What I mean is joint pain and excessive weight gain, and it caused me to gain so much , so fast I was dx'd with diabetes.

Resperdol, is antipsychotic, and can also cause diabetes, but I use it prn for psychosis. Also known to cause weight gain. That is why I don't take it all the time.

Lamictal gave me an instant rash, this rash is fatal, and starts from the inside and works it's way to the outer layer of skin. It should be stopped immediatly and call your doc if you see this. okay? I was on it one day and got the side affect on my face and chest.


are both good sites for side affects. I always check it before taking any new meds.

I have to say that trileptal, was probably the only med for my bipolar that didn't have side affects, but it also didn't do anything for me.

Here is the link to medication issues on this forum
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Postby asusr6 » Sat Apr 30, 2005 7:29 am

Im on Risperdal, Lamictal,Lorezapam, Paxil.

Other than gaining about 15# on the paxil (i was on paxil before being dx'd as being bipolar) I have NEVER had any reactions to any of the meds.

There is always those that are hypersentive to meds, and it seems you only hear about the horror stories. Why do you think the lawyers make drug companies put ALL possible reactions on their descriptions. If you read how many out of 1000 actually have any reactions it is usally very small amount indeed
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