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Postby Lilly » Tue Oct 19, 2004 12:57 am

Hi all~

I'm just posting to ask for information about where to find support for family members of those who live with bipolar disorder. The person I love most in the world has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder by different psychiatrists over the years. Then he was told he didn't have it and went off all of his medications. He was fine for a while but all hell broke loose and now it looks like he may have the disorder afterall. It certainly makes sense in hindsight.

I realize that this is much worse for him. I'm not trying to make light of that. But I am having a hard time coping with the fact that his manic delusions and spending issues have destroyed our relationship. He left recently "to work on issues" and now I'm left here waiting for I don't even know what. I'm also pregnant with our first child.

Also, to be clear, I've not always been the most supportive of him and cognizant of the issues he was dealing with. Its not just his fault. But I am really at a point where I need support and need to be able to talk to people who have been in similar positions. If anyone could offer any advice on where to look, I'd appreciate it.


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