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Re-introduce myself

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Re-introduce myself

Postby quietgirl2538 » Sat Jun 03, 2023 1:12 pm

Hello friends here in the Bipolar Forum,
If you'd like to also introduce yourself, that's great, but if you choose not to, that's ok as well.

I've been a member of Psychforums for many years. I joined in February of 2013, over 10 years ago. I came here to get support and share with "someone" about my illness that left me with few answers as to what it was, why I had it, HOW to become stable, and how not to feel ashamed for having it, knowing full well it was not something I had a choice in it (having bipolar). I had actually tried confiding in "normal" people and it did not go well. I won't go into that, but I decided to keep that information about me to myself.

I came in here not even knowing if that was what I was diagnosed with, Bipolar. I had been diagnosed with Clinical Depression in 2008. But upon experiencing one manic episode, I was diagnosed as having Bipolar I.

Fast forward 10 years, I am stable with meds such as Vraylar, Lamical, and Wellbutrin. There were many trial and error efforts on my part with the help of my psychiatrist until we found the right "cocktail" that had me stable. Without too many side effects.

I became a moderator here in 2016 and I tried my best to be supportive of others, all the while, I still struggled with my own issues such as being completely where I needed to be well, with my meds, some issues I faced in daily life in which I had the guidance of a therapist. I had to stop moderating in 2020 because I was not able to be as supportive and active on the forum as before. I had started to work at a job where my hours were all over the place and I just didn't have the energy as before. It was time to go and leave my place as moderator to someone who could be just as supportive as I had been, or more so.

I was married for 19 years. My husband and I got a divorce. At this time, ,I was on my own and some days it was hard mentally with working again after 19 years of not working. I have had several different jobs over time and I have found one I do very well in. It's not perfect, but I am able to manage well. I am a part-time student with a full-time job. My goal is to get my degree in Accounting. I am almost halfway there. If everything goes as planned, I will arrive at my current goal of being halfway to my degree by the end of this year. Crossing fingers, it goes that way. But patience is something I can do well, so if my goal is stretched out where it takes longer to reach that goal, it will be fine. My stress level needs to be where I am not overwhelmed that it is hurtful to my mental well-being. I am very excited at that prospect of reaching my goal to getting my degree.

Would you like to join me in telling me about yourself?
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