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What is wrong with me? Do i have cylcothymia?

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What is wrong with me? Do i have cylcothymia?

Postby maesmans » Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:32 pm

In recent years I have had a hard time with my mental health. Last year I had, what I and my parents suspect, a burn-out. For months I had no motivation, I cried every day, I didn't want to leave my bed. Nothing mattered any more. At school everything seemed normal, I tried so hard to seem happy, but as soon as I got home all my energy was gone. The thing is now, my mother has always told me that I am an HSP (highly sensitive person). As a child I suffered from mood swings, and now they have become even worse. My mother always said that she could never predict what emotion I would have within a few hours, it could apparently turn suddenly. And that still happens now. One moment I feel I can handle anything, I want to go outside, literally run through the streets and sometimes even do dangerous and illegal things. Then suddenly a couple of hours later it's as if I've let all my energy out and then I just lie down in my bed. Even watching TV then becomes too tiring. I also suffer from anxiety (I think), especially social anxiety and I'm very, very susceptible to addictions, especially smoking and drinking. I can't concentrate well, my thoughts always wander, when someone speaks to me I often can't focus on what that person is saying and I often can't sit still. I often fiddle with my skin or my hair. Now I wonder if this is because of anxiety or perhaps ADHD (which also runs in the family) or because I am an HSP or maybe even because I have cyclothymia. I really don't know and I can't stand it anymore. I hate that I can't put a label on myself. I know I can talk to a psychologist but I don't want to because: 1, I just stopped and my parents were so happy, and 2 because I'm afraid my problems aren't serious enough. I have a feeling that mental health in my country is not that far advanced.
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Re: What is wrong with me? Do i have cylcothymia?

Postby voracious_lemon » Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:23 pm

I know you said you don't want to talk to a psychologist, but nobody here can diagnose you over the internet based on a paragraph you wrote. The only way to be sure if you have some form of bipolar disorder would be to see an actual doctor (that way you can get treatment too!)
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