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Advice from a good friend, when you lose control

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Advice from a good friend, when you lose control

Postby Tyler » Fri Oct 09, 2020 1:53 pm

I lost control this morning. I started screaming at someone who wasn't there. It was a manager at work, in a scenario I made up in my head. It escalated to that point, where, in the scenario I made up and would have a one in a million chance of happening, he threatened to physically attack me, and I stood my ground. In real life, if that happened, I would probably run or be too scared to, but mania leads me to believe I'm some sort of badass.

The advice this friend gave me goes as follow

Sit still in a chair. Slowly name three things you see. Then listen carefully and name three things to hear. Three things to touch. Try it very slowly.

It took me out of the break room at work, where I was mentally, and brought me back to reality. I am in my home, with my pet birds and pet lizard. I see the budgies playing, and I see my lovebird found the millet stash. I hear my lovebird munch away at the millet, while the budgies all sing to each other and play with the toys that in the birds' room. I could feel myself, my chair, and my desk. I am here, I am in my house, with my birds, my lizard, and no one else. This man who I was confronting in this scenario IS NOT HERE. Yes, this is at my actual work place, and yes, I will be going back and eventually seeing him again, but the scenario of him physically threatening me is highly improbable, and is irrelevant to me now, because I am not there, I am home.

I hope this helps you like it has helped me.
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Re: Advice from a good friend, when you lose control

Postby Snaga » Tue Oct 13, 2020 7:35 am

Sounds like excellent advice, I have seen something similar to that. In conjunction with some other sort of situation it seems, and I had quite forgotten it.

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