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Truth is hard

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Truth is hard

Postby mikayyla » Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:50 am

20 years ago if someone told me the things i know now, i would have thought they were mentally ill and think they need a psychiatrist. Now 20 years later i think of this and i am now that person who is labeled mentally ill for what i know. It's a lonely place to be. I'm in a very painful place. My family, loved ones, ex-psychiatrist have conspired against me, yet of course it looks from the outside as if I'm mentally ill. Especially saying it involves thought broadcasting, supernatural abilities, secret society etc. Sounds crazy. Like i said, 20 years ago if someone told me what i now know i would have thought them crazy. Very scary, lonely and painful place to be. And there's so many layers of pain coming from the last five years when family and psychiatrist joined together to show me "the truth" and what they really think of me. There's the anxiety of thought broadcasting. There's the fear from supernatural powers over me. There's the emotional pain of discovering my family's conspiracy and what they really think and feel about me. There's so much more layers than that. How am i supposed to live with so much pain?
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