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What Triggers Your Bipolar?

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What Triggers Your Bipolar?

Postby Dark_Soul302 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 4:41 am

I wanted to create this topic for all my fellow bipolar strugglers and myself, so that we can all share our triggers and how we deal with those with no ridicule. So please share what turns your days from good to bad and/or from bad to good almost instantly.

Hopefully with what I'm going to share, it'll motivate some of you strong people to share some of your triggers and reliefs here because it'll be good for you and it will aid me in my journey with living life with bipolar disorder.

When it comes to my bipolar, being alone sets me going down a dark path really quick. I can be out in class from 9AM and go right to work after and not get home until 9 PM at night, being around people the entire day having a great time with no negative occurrences. Yet the moment when I set foot in my empty house after a full day of socialization, my brain tells me I'm a piece of crap that nobody wants to come home with. Social media also plays a part in my instant mood changes too. It may sound really petty but seeing other pictures of relationships and people with whole entire families ruins my day within milliseconds. It ruins my day for the whole day and its near impossible to bring me back, usually the day just has to pass before my mood is fixed about it. There is one more major thing that happens that shift my moods instantaneously. Throughout the day I will get these unavoidable flashbacks to some of the most traumatic moments of my life. These moments include death, abandonment, backstabbing, and separation. Am I alone out here...?
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Re: What Triggers Your Bipolar?

Postby quietgirl2538 » Mon Dec 23, 2019 1:33 pm

I got triggered to my very first manic episode because my mom and I had such a terrible relationship when I was a teen. At age 18 I got kicked out of the house and was treated really bad. She would hit me and just treat me bad.

It set me off. I had a sort of meltdown and got manic for weeks. It always happened like this. Our relationship is still awful. I don't speak to her.

Romantic relationships set me off too. They just get to me when things aren't going right. It's so hurtful to me to be treated bad. Given the silent treatment. Cheating. My emotions are set off and I experience so much pain when treated this way. I got suicidal for a week when I was treated bad by a boyfriend.
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