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Bipolar 2 and TMJ

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Bipolar 2 and TMJ

Postby bestshow » Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:30 pm

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2 three years ago and of course the diagnosis helped me to understand myself and know my limitations.
However, beside being living most of my adult life, I am 35, with bipolar I am also living with dreadful tinnitus which started in 2006 before taking any mental health medication and even before I knew that I have a bipolar.
The tinnitus, recently, has made it very hard to concentrate or to live a normal life when my mood is Okay.
I live with constant tinnitus, constant dizziness and fatigue.
But being diagnosed with a mental illness before figuring out what is wrong with my head, is a curse as any doctor when he notices my medical history, he will direct anything straightway to mental illness without any proper investigation.
Now, I am almost certain that I have TMJ and I am going to raise this point with the ENT doctor when I meet him on Friday as he ruled out any physical issue behind my loud ruining tinnitus after 5 mintuts talk referring it to my anxiety and mental health issue and wrote that on the letter to my GP which means do not bother me by referring him to me again. And because of it and BD my life is totally ruined.

Does any member suffer from both TMJ and BD2?

Many thanks and I am sorry for the long thread.
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