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Starting to think my boyfriend can't handle my illness *TW*

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Starting to think my boyfriend can't handle my illness *TW*

Postby MikeHooty » Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:26 pm

I have a boyfriend of a year and a half that has generally been really great and patient with me and my illness, but lately I've been feeling like he doesn't know how to handle it. Just yesterday I had a really long day where basically everything went wrong, but nothing that was catastrophic by itself. After a long day with transportation nightmares (bus was 3 hours late, making me late to work and then work was tiring), I got home (another hour commute), stopped at a grocery store to get food for a smoothie, someone drank my almond milk so I couldn't make it, all the shelves on the fridge broke when I slammed it shut, cut my finger cleaning it up and I didn't have any bandaids so I was just bleeding all over the kitchen and my room.

I called my boyfriend and he wasn't really understanding why I was so upset over "insignificant things." His response was to start giving me suggestions of all the things I should do (get some bandaids and almond milk, fix the fridge, make a list of things I need to replace) which just started getting me worked up. Instead I got bandaids and almond milk and then called out of work this morning.

I talked to him again later that night and the conversation turned into how I make him feel when I'm in a crisis, and how he feels that I'm too fragile in those times for him to say the harsh things he thinks and that he's not allowed to be upset.

He is also very busy and very stressed (works 80+ hours a week) and has always been very patient and understanding, but a similar situation happened a month ago, where I spent time in crisis trying to console him. I'm not sure what has happened that's making him irritated more than supportive as he's always been, but I'm not in a good place right now and I feel like the person I always turn to for support is actually a source of stress right now and I'm feeling lost. To complicate things, I'm supposed to be moving in with him in June, but I'm having a lot of concerns after last night.

This is my first relationship and if anyone has any advice or experience to share it would be a huge help right now.
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