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Dissociation (emotional & physical) while hypomanic

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Dissociation (emotional & physical) while hypomanic

Postby RealityFrayed » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:37 pm


I am coming out of a 3 month mild depressive phase, I have been hypomanic 6 days straight with little rest or sleep while exercising, cleaning, or just being hyperactive all day. BUT, I’m feeling very emotionally and physically dissociative the whole time. Like my mind is blank, I “feel” emotionally flat except for occasional 1-3 second bursts that manage to break through rarely, my body is far away and physical sensation is vague (no exhaustion/soreness, but also no pleasure ~anhedonia). Time and space seem blurred and vague.

Can anyone relate to feeling physical or emotional dissociation while manic of hypomanic?

Best wishes
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