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Postby dalhawk09 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:38 pm

Hey guys.

So for 12 years I have taken medication for depression/anxiety. On top of it have occasionally had treatment for ADD.

An stressful event happened to me about 7 months ago. In addition I graduated from a two year program and started a new job. Unfortunately I haven't stayed in great touch with friends from either last job or school. Only a couple friends and just occasionally.

So between being with friends less and the processing of that event I mentioned. I've hit some pretty low lows that I am used to experiencing.

I decided to see a specialist instead taxing my family doctor with advice/further treatment. I found a doctor at a mental health clinic that see's patients late - preferring to not miss work I went ahead with him.

He only makes 30 minute appointments. I try to rush through what I am dealing with and why - which then he asked if anyone had mental health issues in my family. I explained my dad is bi-polar. Then he said," say no more, I heard all I need. I recommend a mood stablelyzer". And then he recommended a dosage exactly what my father is on. (Probably undermedicated)

It shook me up quite a bit. I felt he believed that the stressful event I explained to me may be a paranoia illusion?

It is true I have some issues with the following
-Distract ability
-Maybe too easily upset in situations receiving poor service, example waiting on hold forever only to be transferred a couple times. I'll sometimes regret being rude in these siutations
-Not always waiting for turn to speak, interrupting
-inpatient at times
-Maybe I can over analyze things or be too inward thinking?

Things I haven't noticed or have had people tell me
-Multiple swings in emotions
-Being unstable as far as I know.
-Haven't had an issue with employement. (last job I was at was 7 years, 2 1/2 years before)
-Don't ever experience needing less sleep. Typically always feel under slept
-Haven't had issues of illusions or paranoia. (Do not believe friends or co workers would believe any different)

But when I drink caffiene as much as I do coupled with being on SSRI's. I could see how I can possibly exhibit manic like symptoms?

The thing is, I longer have any interest of treating ADD with stimulants. They just made me feel unhealthy when taking them and enhanced my anxiety too much. I could see how a mood stabilizer could benefit my symptoms of ADHD, inpatience, or sometimes a short temper.

My question, only to being supplemental to professional advice, would it make sense to try a low dose of a mood stabilizer like a depakote? Even if none of my family, co-workers, or friends would characterize me as unstable?

The doctor said him self that sometimes diagnosis can be incorrectly considered adhd when it's actually bpd.. but I certainly struggle describing any of my behavior as unstable. Yes, while drunk I've made poor and more at risk decisions - but how is that to be explained as abnormal? I could agree I maybe have a minor mood problem that is part of the cause of why I struggle with attention at times -- that's why I am considering another appointment to agreeing to his suggested treatment. Though I probably will try to find someone that can meet for 60 minutes instead of 30 again.

So a lot of blabbering, can anyone recommend treatments to talk about with my doctor?
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Re: Advice

Postby z7z » Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:05 am

I would suggest the Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide book on Amazon.
I can't diagnose but if you read that book, your symptoms might sound very familiar or not so much. It goes into way more detail than your psychiatrist can tell you in 30 minutes. If you have never had a full blown manic episode, I would seek another doctor's 2nd opinion.
As far as medication, IMO Depakote is the 3rd best mood stabilizer. 2 is Lamictal, 1 is Lithium. I know that ADHD meds really can increase anxiety in some people. Same with anti-depressants in Bipolar type 1 people. Many people also take antipsychotics. Also anxiety meds like klonopin can help (but they are very addictive) especially if you can't sleep or are manic.
The medications used to treat bipolar are strong and many have severe side effects. If you can function okay and hold down a job, I would seriously consider waiting first and maybe get some more counseling from a good psychologist unless you get severely manic or depressed. Most people do need medication and it does help. Good luck!
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