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I don't understand....

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I don't understand....

Postby HokeyPokey » Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:55 pm

Ok this is my second attempt at this bc the first one disappeared after i got timed out... so just in case this shows up twice.

Basically my mom was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder after she was admitted to a mental hospital. She was addicted to pain meds which she has been taking for 30 years bc she claimed to be in a lot of pain. She also used a wheelchair bc of this pain. The dr at the mental hospital said she didn't show any signs of someone in pain so she got off the pain meds and got rid of the wheelchair and now she's fine without it. ( which i don't under stand ).

she started taking lithium twice a day and was doing better than I've ever seen her. but she refused to believe she has bipolar disorder so the started weaning herself off the lithium. thats when she started getting really weird. she says she has severe anxiety and depression. she won't shower or leave the house or talk to anyone most days. the dr advised her to get back on lithium but it hasn't helped.

We live 3 hours from her and usually stay at her house for the holidays. This year she said she didn't want us to stay overnight so i told her we would just stay home for thanksgiving instead of driving 3 hours there and back. she wasn't happy about that either. then i went to see my aunt and uncle who live 40 mins from her and i didn't tell her about it so she got mad about that. i am confused by what she wants. even though she didn't want us to go stay with her for thanksgiving, she went to a large family get together and spent hours there and then went to another get together at someone elses house and spent several hours there. I have suffered from depression in the past and this just doesn't sound like depression. if I'm too depressed to have people over, I'm definitely too depressed to go to someone else house for hours.

now for Christmas she doesn't want us to come and she said she's not doing gifts this year. usually she gives me money to buy her grandkids stuff from her, but shes not doing that this year. she will go to my brothers for a family dinner but she doesn't want anyone at her house. I know her house isn't a mess or anything bc she has 3 housekeepers and my step dad takes care of it too. So i don't understand her behaviors at all.

i am wondering if maybe she's doing all of this for attention. she used to use her wheelchair and "pain" to get attention and to get people to do stuff for her. like she loved being the victim and I'm wondering if thats what she's doing now. along with bipolar disorder, my therapist believes she has narcissistic personality disorder by what I've told her over the years.

what do y'all think? does this sound like normal bipolar type behaviors or something else??
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Re: I don't understand....

Postby Pairou » Tue Dec 04, 2018 6:56 pm

I'm not a professional, so I can't diagnose your mom, but by your story it does sound like NPD. Of course, I don't know her or you so I couldn't say.

I'm sorry she's having a rough time (and putting you through a bad time too!).

It sucks that she took herself off the Lithium. It's common for us to feel better and then decide we don't need to be medicated. I did it for years until I finally realized it isn't going to go away. Now I take my meds every day.

*Edit: added more
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