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Do you get obsessed in celebrities?

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Do you get obsessed in celebrities?

Postby RosieClementine » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:28 pm


I’m not diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder but I see a therapist once a week because of my anxiety. Still trying to understand why I feel certain things. But well, I have a question about getting obsessed with celebrities.
I mean, do you ever start an obsession with someone especially celebrity and you need to know everything about their lives…?! What they eat, wear, how they talk, what they love? You’re so obsessed that you want to be that person so bad. You start getting obsessed with music, so you decide you’re going to be a singer because you’re obsessed with a singer. You only feel good if you feel you look like your obsession. You need to wear the same clothes, the same makeup, you need to laugh the same way. You know everything about that person and you live like you are that person.
It’s kind of weird, I know. In my life I always had these obsessions. It lasts for months. You see yourself going to all the websites rehearsing things about the celebrity. You lost your time watching interviews… You feel like you need to talk about that person every single minute. But the most important is feeling like you are that person or having in your head the feeling like you are her/his sister or something.
I’m just curious to see if you ever feel this in bipolar disorder.

Sorry for this question. English is not my first language, so I hope you understand.
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Re: Do you get obsessed in celebrities?

Postby z7z » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:03 pm

I'm not sure this specific obsession is a common trait in bipolar, but we can certainly become obsessed with certain things in manic moods. Celebrities have a god like status in our culture and bipolar people feel like they are a celebrity sometimes. Mania can be a narcissistic confident feeling. Not to mention there are quite a few celebrities with bipolar. I've heard the mania high described as similar to cocaine which I am sure many celebrities take. The reality is that both bipolar and celebs are out of touch and they're just normal people like everyone else so there's no reason to worship them.
Be kind to everyone you come across because you never know who’s suffering inside.
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