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Thin bingers’ stigma

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Thin bingers’ stigma

Postby bbanner » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:16 pm

Binge eating has never gotten as much attention as other food-related disorders (or even other disorders in general), so I haven’t thought about this issue until talking to an acquaintance. We were on a trip together (in a group) and somehow the chat turned to food-related issues. The talk was quite light in its nature, so we didn’t get deep, but I shared some of my experiences and she did too. However, even though I could entirely relate to what she was saying, my brain was having troubles legitimizing it as she’s very athletic and thin. She did say she has a great digestion and that people don’t believe she binges just because it never sticks to her body. I am ashamed that I’m one of those people as well, having such troubles realizing thin bingers have similar issues to the heavier ones and I’m trying to establish to what extent social judgement affects us. I think it’s similar to the fact that beautiful people are less likely to be judged for bad personality traits rather than ugly ones - for example, a pretty murderer would get a pass sooner than a creepy looking one. However, this (lack of) social stigma might be doing additional damage to non-obvious bingers because I think their issues could be swept under a carpet by saying “ooh, she’s just a sweet-tooth, she’s got a healthy appetite, it’s cute” - whereas we know that the reasons behing binge eating are very much psychological in nature. Meaning that it’s quite possible that thin bingers are less likely to get help for their issues.

Are there any people here that nobody would guess were bingers? What do you think - am I completely off the mark?
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Re: Thin bingers’ stigma

Postby LucyFelds » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:53 pm

My best friend is exactly like that. Very, very tiny. Her secret? She hardly eats during the week, binges during the weekend.

I once heard her father comment on it as if it was a good thing, something everyone should strive for. She just looked at me with huge eyes, because he's never seen what I have. Eating to the point of looking sick, working out as punishment, eating just one meal on weekdays. It's terrible, she feels terrible, and people don't take her seriously. They tell her she's fine and overreacting because to them, she looks more than fine.

I just think it's hard for people to see a problem in overeating(or under-eating) unless they actual physical proof. And that makes it hard for people like my friend to be listened to
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Re: Thin bingers’ stigma

Postby Holodeck » Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:21 pm

I'm one. I used to be much worse (like within the last year). I purged with laxatives, and exercised a ton. People have complimented me on my healthy appearance, not realizing what I was going through to stay healthy. My boyfriend is on the heavier side of binging. We finally took each other's cards after putting all cash in the bank. This way we can be accountable for one another. It's helped a lot so far.
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