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Recovery (?)

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Recovery (?)

Postby astar » Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:43 am

Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting here but I found this forum as a result of me struggling with relatively intense binge eating urges at the moment and looking for some help.

Though I'd like to think I've begun recovering from binge eating starting this year, recovery has presented me with an entirely different set of challenges. Recovery came about from me reaching a breaking point last year where I got so fed up with my obsession with food and weight loss that I kind of gave up control and decided to just eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, which led to me putting on weight but also started to relieve me of my obsessive control over food and led to me binging much less often.

Over the course of this year, I've only binged a few times the way that I used to, which is great in a lot of ways but I can't help but feel like the progress is overshadowed by new anxieties that I have. I'm now trying to listen to my body to tell when I'm hungry and what my body needs but I've found it extremely difficult after so many years of trying to control my urges - I'm either too impatient to eat slowly enough for my body to signal to me when it's full or, in all honesty, I get upset with my body for not being hungry or not craving the foods that I want to eat, so I end up overeating and "binging" on a smaller scale (to me, based on how I used to binge). On top of that, my weight gain throughout this process makes me spiral back into obsessive, controlling thoughts and has resulted in more intense binge eating urges recently.

Has anybody else dealt with this? Most of the time I feel better and it feels like I'm making (unsteady, inconsistent) progress, but recently I've started to feel less optimistic.
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Re: Recovery (?)

Postby zorilla » Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:42 am

It's difficult to listen to our body, with binge eating we don't feel hungry "normally". Anxiety is a trigger to binge eating. Like you I have problems to feel that I ate enough, I eat too fast and don't feel when I'm full enough. Before a meal, I plan what I must eat and try not to eat more than what I planned. If still hungry, I take a chewing gum. I tried that a week ago, and it seems to work.
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