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Controlling binge eating with PMS??:(

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Controlling binge eating with PMS??:(

Postby RachaeyH » Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:41 pm

I have had on and off trouble for 10 years with binge eating, heavy restricting, and excessive exercising. The past year I think my troubles with food have improved as I haven't had a serious binge in probably over a year now. I try to be less harsh on myself and remind myself of all the great things I've learnt from trying to overcome this problem. However, it is impossible for me to regulate when I have PMS. I have been preparing nice food for myself lately and have looked into low GI foods to help ease sugar cravings. Today I had muesli for breakfast and pasta with roasted veg for lunch. In between this - we're talking 10am-12pm - I ate:

4 slices of toast with butter
Almost a whole packet of ginger cream biscuits (8 or so???)
Two chocolate biscuit bars

After lunch I ate:

4 oreos
A mini chocolate swiss roll
A chocolate biscuit

By this point I was feeling groggy, tired, irritable (more so than before) and just crap about myself. So instead of going home and having a nutritious dinner, I had a bowl of porridge with banana, honey and raspberry jam. And just now i've had a bowl of muesli with honey, which is the last thing I'll eat today.

When I write this it doesn't seem like as much as it seemed in my head. But the amount of sugar I've eaten today feels like such a huge amount even if it's not a catastrophic binge like I used to have. I'm just at my wits end with this! I cut out sugar for a couple of months and went well on it, but still I am really struggling with PMS. Every other time of the month I can skip dessert and even if I want a biscuit or two I can limit myself to this amount the majority of the time, whereas before this would have been impossible. I'd have gone to the shops and bought an ice cream and a share size bag of chocolates at least!

Do any other women have this problem? If so how do you get around it? I was wondering whether it would be worth trying some herbal supplements, or going on the pill? The problem for me is largely emotional because my emotions are especially turbulent at this time. So the sugar is a comfort. But the absolute need to have it and inability to control the amount I eat always makes me feel much more depressed than PMS alone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! xxx
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Re: Controlling binge eating with PMS??:(

Postby UKGeordieLass » Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:35 am

I know this was posted ages ago but I SO identify with it. I can't control a lot of things when I have PMS, let alone my eating. I dread it rolling around every month.

Have you considered the pill?
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Re: Controlling binge eating with PMS??:(

Postby emanresuid » Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:28 am

This post IS old but... I have this problem. I have severe PMS. Like, insane mood swings starting anywhere from 1.5 weeks to 5 days before my period and lasting until I start.
The only time I haven't is when I was on either a virtually no-carb diet (20 grams or less per day) or a veggie-only-ish diet. My period came and went and I hardly noticed, and then I realized I hadn't felt ANY mood swings, bloating (and the accompanying self-loathing), cravings etc. Its a diet that's nearly impossible to maintain for long periods but... Its worth it when I can.
Note: Neither diet restricts calories
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