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Posting in the AvPD Forum

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Posting in the AvPD Forum

Postby tlepS drawkcaB » Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:27 am

Hi guys,

Please keep in mind that this isn't just a forum for people with AvPD, it's a forum for people to have open discussion and provide support to each other.

Obviously the underlying theme of this forum is to help people who AvPD, but other disordered and non disordered people are welcome to engage in discussion, ask questions and provide support too.

For the sake of the forum, please try to keep threads and discussion on topic, if you have any personal issues with another member talk them out via PM and not on the open forum. Please keep in mind, questioning people's diagnosis is against forum rules. Please be aware that no-one here is qualified to provide any form of diagnosis.

If you feel that any posts are breaking forum rules please report them to a forum moderator. If you are unsure of the forum rules, a link can be found here. Forum Rules
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