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Unable to attain crafts

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Unable to attain crafts

Postby AnthroSkhizo » Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:14 am

I am not sure if anyone suffers from this, but I find it that I am unable to understand the essence of topics, of things. It is not that I have dementia or an intellectual disability, but I am extremely detail-oriented, and I am never through things, I commence a lot of projects but never finish one of them, and I never attain a craft to which I had entailed myself to learn. I once settled to learn German, but I couldn't. I was extremely fixated with Germanic morphology and that was thus the only thing I could reckon from learning the residual bit of German I have learnt. I had never put much thought to dilemmas, nuanced language and common usage, and I am utterly unable to form German phrases or talk to someone in German personally. I can understand many written sentences, but that's it. There has never been anything I was passionate about that I could learn, I would always entice myself into ludicrous, irrelevant obsessions that peripherally pertained the main clause.

I am officially diagnosed with ASD, on the milder side of the spectrum. How that pertains to my difficulty, I am not entirely sure.
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