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I just realized we really are d*ckheads sometimes

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I just realized we really are d*ckheads sometimes

Postby meatpuppet » Thu Feb 06, 2020 10:58 pm

New here. So I just encountered another autistic person online and they showed behavior that made me realize why certain people have reacted to me in certain ways in the past. They were taking things too literally, were WAY too intense and negative just for the sake of being negative, but kept on, oblivious to the social cues I was dropping. Is there any way to reach through to a person like this? I know when I'm in that state it's pretty difficult to get through to me, but this was really bad.

I see now why people would say "It's no excuse" for us to act like the way we do. But we really AREN'T aware of it. I've just seen it from the outside in, and related it to the times I've done it while being oblivious to it. I can even see why they'd want to sedate us with bullsh*t like risperidone. :cry: We can be serious d*cks sometimes. :oops:
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