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diagnosed as a teen, struggling to adult on my own

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diagnosed as a teen, struggling to adult on my own

Postby 404030 » Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:33 am

hi. i'm 21 and got diagnosed with asd when i was 17. it took me a couple years to fully accept it, but i kind of figured i was autistic to begin with because my sister is also but more prominently, and i could see the similarities.

however, my parents are completely in denial. my sister was diagnosed at 4 and i think they just don't want to accept that both their kids are autistic. i have tried explaining to them why i think the diagnosis is correct and they will not listen.

my parents home is a one bedroom apartment they have built into a barn and it is borderline unliveable. cps has been involved. i was living in a trailer on their property with no water or electricity for many years. i'm now living in an apartment in town with a friend, but things haven't improved beyond that. i have severe social anxiety and certain verbal communication difficulties that make just day to day life living with my friend extremely difficult for me, let alone going out and getting government assistance
or therapy or anything. i cannot hold a job, and i am exhausting my options. i almost died in the hospital last year from not taking care of myself. i need money and/or social intelligence to live in society, but i have neither. what are lone autistic adults supposed to do?
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