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How stress manifests itself in Autism??

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How stress manifests itself in Autism??

Postby KitMcDaydream » Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:10 am


I'm hoping 'Shock the Monkey' see's this as they offered fantastic explanations when I very first posted on here about Maladaptive Daydreaming but I don't know how to tag them into the post?

There's a condition called Conversion Disorder that makes psychological/mental stress present as physical symptoms. In NT people this is often a short term thing,so when the source of stress disappears or is solved the symptoms go.

What would happen if this happened with an autistic person who found the constant sensory overload of daily life extremely stressful? Would the physical symptoms that occurred as a reaction to being under constant stress stay and turn into permanent physical symptoms? eg If the stress triggered aches and pains and they remained constant would they develop to something like fibromyalgia? or trigger an inflammatory response that could mean they ended up with arthritis or arthritis-like symptoms?

If the autistic person used a 'social mask' for going out, could the mind assign the physical symptoms for that persona to deal with? If there were too many symptoms would it 'create' more persona 's to 'spread the load' which then may make the person wonder if they had multiple personalities??

Could the creation of new persona's be a 'conversion response'? ...or the autistic mind's solution to the body having Conversion Disorder? (by creating more persona's/alters to share the physical symptoms amongst to relieve stress so the original self can function?)

Hope that makes sense? It made sense to me when I wrote it! :roll:

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