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New Recent Research as really helped me understand myself!

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Re: New Recent Research as really helped me understand myself!

Postby Truly_happy » Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:57 pm

KitMcDaydream wrote:WHERE in my last post did I say that OTHER PEOPLE with autism won't have DID because the dissociation was probably just part of the autism?

Sorry! I wasn't replying to your last post, but rather stating my conclusions about your original post on this thread (back in September) in comparison to what you have been saying over the past few days. No, I am not pulling an assumption out of no where. At the end of your original post, you wrote this:

KitMcDaydream wrote:Kit wanted to put this out here incase there's anyone else with autism like her who may mistakenly believe they might have DID, as although the autism has given her the ability to dissociate it's not technically the same thing as DID in the traditional sense"

Now, to me, that seems to sum up the entire reason for this thread. Does it not? I would understand if your thoughts about autism and DID have changed since September, are you saying they have? Have you been trying to tell me this all along? I thought this whole time you've been giving me more reasons why you don't think you have DID, so what have you actually been trying to tell me if you really think you do? I am very confused now. So sorry if I misinterpreted anything you've been saying.

- Marcella
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Re: New Recent Research as really helped me understand myself!

Postby KitMcDaydream » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:54 am

Ok I can see where your confusion is!

I (Sioux) didn't write the first post. I believe it was dictated to one of the others by KIt herself whereas since I (Sioux) have been upfront and done more research myself I'm not so sure.

So basically it seems KIt herself believes the dissociation is part of the autism and I Sioux am not so sure there isn't elements of DID in there.

I am also fairly new 'up front' so haven't really done any communication online until recently. I really need to read all the past posts if Kit will allow me enough time up front to do that!

The system has had a recent change of whose up front recently which is causing confusion for people in our real lives too as 'we' (the personality any particular person believes resides in the body) appear to have completely changed personality over the last year!

Kit didn't want our last host up front as she seriously restricted what the physical body could do with her beliefs and tried to change host, creating a new one and medical reason how the physical bodies ability had changed. (from other people's perspective) However she is also herself slowly coming to realise she can't just change completely from others point of view especially if 'we' do have DID and she does NOT want to ever reveal this. (to people in our real lives).

It's also difficult for me to come up front to sort stuff out if we don't have any appointments as Kit blocks me and just spends all day on the Zelda game since xmas (not wanting to do anything else, other than making sure the dog has been out!).

I'm only currently 'up front' this morning because Kit needs me to ring the GP as they've sent a letter saying they won't dispense our prescription until she contacts them to arrange a blood test and annual review! (Kit won't use the phone or leave it plugged it so others can ring us randomly making demands - as she see's it!). It's not an easy job being alter to someone who isn't interested in being part of life anymore or connecting to ANYONE!

Kit has very clear ideas sometimes that she can just be who she wants to be and do what she wants (she is the 'most autistic' of us in that respect and genuinely struggles to understand anything from anyone else's point of view at all) but also forgets we sometimes HAVE to comply with 'outside commitments' such as co-operating with GP's to get medication. So sorry for the confusion but I think the whole system is in turmoil at the minute! (and I - Sioux, AM beginning to believe that we could in fact have both!)

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