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Does this sound like the autism spectrum?

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Does this sound like the autism spectrum?

Postby nightbirds » Wed May 23, 2018 7:55 pm

Hello, I am a little confused because I have dissociative identity disorder and a history of brain trauma. I have one part in particular who wants to know if she's on the spectrum. Here are some symptoms: Lack of fear/ awareness of danger. Back in college she wanted to jump in a random pool, and her friend stopped her. A couple of days ago, she was really close to some train tracks, and the part that stopped her had to explain why there could be a train coming. Daily crossing streets, I feel like she's about to step out in front of cars. She has a lack of social cues, she is constantly trying to read the scene, and my last night out I had a random conversation about child abuse. I ended up *trigger warning, sexual abuse** getting molested, and I had no idea what was going on until after I left because I blanked out so hard *end trigger warning.** I have a special interest in Batman and Gotham City. I believe I'm an incarnation of Gotham City's Mayor, Harvey Dent and I am called Harlid. I have strong atatchment to objects, like my chew toy, and my little white tie. I feel very proper and well-dressed. Could I be on the spectrum?
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Re: Does this sound like the autism spectrum?

Postby serpand » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:46 am

Dont focus on classifying yourself under an artificial system which desperatly tryes to include every person which supposedly has a disorder into a neet drawer of a perfectly organized cuppord. More important is to identify exactly who you are, what you need to function properly, and most likely the answer comes from others around you. What does your body need to sustain a healthy mind? What does the mind need to remain healthy? The body needs nutrition and higiene, the mind needs to grow and learn. Everyone needs input from others to grow, but ultimatly you are responsible for your own balance, to achieve it you will need help, but your path is yours to make.
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