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Asperger's syndrome, high IQ and antisocial PD?

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Asperger's syndrome, high IQ and antisocial PD?

Postby Epistoteles » Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:09 am

I have been diagnosed with Asperger's and high IQ and had been suspected to have conduct disorder as a child / adolescent. I am not quite convinced of having an antisocial personality disorder or any personality disorder at all - although I clearly to have some significantly unusual personality traits.
I had been asking this questions and submitting this text to the ASPD forum as well, but was given the idea to post it here, too.
Yes, I am sure I have Asperger's, the diagnosis was confirmed multiple times, as well as an IQ test was done more than once. Let's move on:

In my earlier childhood, I clearly showed signs of what would be considered antisocial - or at least amoral - behaviour, such as violence (as a young child, of course rather reactive, later nearly solely instrumental), casual theft, lying, defiance of rules, defiance of danger / risk-seeking, sensation-seeking. I always was perceived as an egoistic, very arrogant and somewhat manipulative child. I had commited crime once when I was at age 14 (grievous bodily harm and armed assault with a partner in crime, but managed to be only punished with hours of community service) and had some criminal activities that were not recorded, such as trespassing, thievery, forgery.
In my early adulthood, I stabilsed my undesirable behaviour and became a well-integrated, kind, friendly, but very rational, scientific-orientated adult - something I would consider typical for an autistic person. I rarely had troubles with my impulse control then, I have no criminal record and am basically not willing to commit any crime, mostly because I rather do not want to spend any time in prison. My morality level is - based on what the average person finds moral - low. I am not feeling sympathy for victims nor do I remember that I had ever been affectionate towards those who were suffering or showed signs of affective empathy, although my cognitive empathy is very high for an autist. I do feel pleasure in deceiving others, I would say that I can be very manipulative, charming, instrumental and that I do not really care about the feelings, needs or disadvantages of others if I can make profit out of them - there are a few exceptions, but generally, I don't care about people.

Currently, I would consider my impulse control to be exceptionally good. I rather lose control over my actions or have emotional outbreaks. I rather tend to use rational, fact-based argumentations, although I can be extremly tenacious and also easily feel angry when arguing with others, because they often discuss based on feelings rather than on facts.
My feelings towards people are usually based on anger, disgust, rarely on fear. Since I do not only think of myself as smarter than the general public but am actually also more intelligent than most people, I likely devaluate others. Also, I generally appreciate if the amount of people is depleted, especially if this is combined with violent actions. I generally find pleasure in watching violent actions, having knowledge about violent actions, but I personally am very afraid of legal punishment.
I am aware that especially the good impulse control and the fear of punishment are unusual traits for antisocial personalities, but I think that I am meeting other criteria of ASPD.

Is there anyone that has experienced such personality traits? What is your opinion?
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Re: Asperger's syndrome, high IQ and antisocial PD?

Postby serpand » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:11 am

Try putting your objective thinking to the service of your morality. Do you enjoy when others deceive you or manipulate you? What if you were the target of your own behaviour? Aknowledge you need people. Instead of deceiving how about connecting with others and talk frankly about your problems, even if they are different from everyone elses. This is not easy if you feel different from everyone and lnferior in those faults that nobody else has. This will trigger the need to use your more developed traits against others to overcome those faults. However this is not the way to go. If you are honest and share your problems, Eventually people will recognise the difference and accept you just has.you are. Everyone benefits from difference and variability amongst peers. No need for exclusion of people which are different, since we all fulfill each others faults. If the people you know do exclude you, your purpose is finding those who wont. Then you will find fulfillment in healthy and honest relationships.
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Re: Asperger's syndrome, high IQ and antisocial PD?

Postby ArchCannon » Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:21 pm

serpand wrote:Aknowledge you need people. Instead of deceiving how about connecting with others.

How does one need others? What makes you think so?
What about people who find themselves unable to connect with others?
Yeah well, whatever I guess, I don't care either way.
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Re: Asperger's syndrome, high IQ and antisocial PD?

Postby Mulla » Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:38 pm

Maybe I am a little just like you...
Of several IQ-test, they say I'm have a high IQ (>130) and is well-educated. But I "suffer" from Asperger's syndrome. I don't think I have antisocial personal disorder. But when I was a kid, I liked to "causing accidents". Like stretch up barbed wire along the bicycle path and other "psychopathic" things.

But I had been investigated for personality disorders, maybe paranoid and schizoid fits for me, but right now, Asperger's syndrome and schizo-affective syndrome.

I don't hate people, but I don't care for them either, except my family and nearest friends...
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